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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge    12 AWG 
No. Conductors      5
Stranding    65/30
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches         0.045" 
O.D. Inches    0.713"
New Weight lb/1000FT    318 Lbs
Amps    16


12/5 SOOW Portable Cable-Black

SOOW cables are reliable water and oil resistant cables used for a wide range of industrial applications. 12/5 SOOW black is a 12 gauge portable SOOW wire with five conductors made of bare annealed copper wire. This cable is predominantly used with portable tools, small motors, control systems and industrial machinery.


  • 5 Bare annealed copper conductors
  • Conductor stranding of 65/30 in line with ASTM 1350
  • Insulation wall 0.045” thick
  • 318 Lbs per 1000 feet
  • 600 volts
  • 16 amps


12/5 SOOW wire is made of bare annealed copper conductors of 65/30 strands. These copper conductors are annealed to ensure that the resultants cables is highly flexible and ductile. Flexible conductors are good for moving parts especially a cable is to be used with portable industrial devices which have to turn every now and then. The conductors are rounded and very strong yet very ductile and flexible to optimize flex life and make installation work easier. To differentiate the conductors with ease, each of them is assigned a color code; Black, White, Red, Green, Orange. All the conductors can effectively relay 600 volts of 16 amps currents to a system.


Insulation is important for the 12 gauge 5 conductor cable because ease of the conductors carry heavy duty power to a system. Handling that much current on bare wire would cause fatal electrocution to cable handlers or machine handlers. To prevent such accidents, the conductors are fully insulated in white, black, green, red and orange. The insulation is made of ethylene propylene diene monomer chain which is oil, water and moisture tight. Hence, the 12/5 SOOW is oil, water and weather resistant. EPDM insulation is tough and very flexible so it can effectively withstand the conventional industrial working environment without developing weaknesses and thereby ensure the safety of both the conductor and cable user for many years.

Cable jacket

The jacket is what keeps the 5 conductors bound together. It’s a housing of the cable and ensures uttermost safety of the user and conductors. 12 gauge 5 conductor has a black Chlorinated polyethylene jacket. Polyethylene is made of a long chain ethylene rubber which is tough yet very flexible. Flexibility is a key feature for industrial cables which are used with portable system and moving parts. Like the insulator, this CPE jacket is resistant to a number of elements that would otherwise adversely affect the performance of the conductors like water, moisture, sunlight, changes in weather, industrial solvents and oil.

CPE is very sturdy and can withstand abrasions, twists and bending for many years without yielding to the forces. In case of fire it transforms into a fire retardant compound which safeguards the cable from fire. It’s easy to cut just in case you need to terminate the 12/5 SOOW cable at any point. With the CPE jacket in place, the 12 gauge SOOW wire can operate within a wide range of temperature of between -400C and 900C. The cable is therefore suitable for hot and wet environments.


Certifications are important for this cable because it’s a sure way of proving that the 12/5 SOOW cable has the appropriate features required for its application. The cable is certified by the following international standards organizations:

Approved by underwriters laboratory standards for 62 10AWG-18AWG cables

  • NEC 501.140 Class I Dive 2
  • MSHA
  • NEC Article 400
  • RoHS


This cable has a wide range of applications. The most common are:

  • Handy compressors
  • Push button remotes
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Small motors
  • Battery lead wires
  • Industrial machinery
  • Marine installations

Typically any tool or machine that requires three phase current of 16 amps and 600 volts will work well with the 12/5 SOOW Cable. It’s sold per foot and the maximum length you’d buy at a go is 1000 feet. 

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