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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge    16 AWG 
No. Conductors       3
Stranding    26/30
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches         0.030" 
O.D. Inches    0.390"
New Weight lb/1000FT    94 Lbs
Amps     13



16/3 SOOW cable is a heavy duty industrial power cable. The SOOW cable is portable service wire which is simply referred to with the acronyms SOOW, portable cord. The SOOW cable just as its name implies, is a cable whose jacket and insulation are designed to resist oil and water. This feature makes it a popular cable for various industrial applications across the world. The Portable SOOW Cables are categorized into sizes, AWG sizes. They range from 2 AWG to 18 AWG. The 16/3 SOOW cable has 16 gauge and 3 conductors just as its name suggests.

Key Features of 16/3 SOOW Portable Cable

This cable has some amazing features, which makes it the most preferred cable in industrial applications. First and foremost it has an amazing resistance to moisture and oil which may cause damage and rusting to the cable. It is also resistant to ultra violet light caused by the sun. It has an amazing tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics which makes the cable last a life time. Great premium flexibility is also an added feature to this cable which increases its flex life. The most outstanding of these features are:

• 16 Gauge 3 Conductors
• Bare copper of 26/30 stranding
• Has an insulation nominal wall of 0.030 inches in thickness
• 94Lbs per 1000 FT
• 13 AMPS
• Oil and water resistant insulation and Jacket
• Black jacket
• Has a voltage rating of 600 volts


16/3 SOOW portable cable has three conductors made of stranded, fully annealed bare copper. Annealing enhances the flexibility of the copper conductor since it is as a result of constant heating till it becomes soft. The cables are of class K stranding which is in line with ASTM B 174. With this type of conductor, the cable will ensure many years’ service under tough, punishing industrial applications.

The conductor is also malleable hence very easy to work with because it can be wound and bent with ease to fit into cable trays and wall ducts during installation. Durability is also an added advantage of the copper conductor, annealed and stranded copper wires have a very high flexural rigidity so the cable can last you a lifetime eliminating the need for frequent repair and replacement.


An insulator is basically any material covering the conductor that does not conduct heat or electricity. The insulation is a very crucial part in any electrical cable, since it guarantees your safety while handling the cable. The insulation of this cable is made of synthetic rubber, Ethylene propylene (EPDM). This material is tough and it is specifically meant for heavy duty applications. EPDM is resistant to oil, water, abrasion, impact, industrial solvents, chemicals, acid, ozone and radiation. The synthetic rubber is also resistant to temperatures of up to 2150C.

Cable jacket

Since these cables are meant for medium to heavy duty industrial applications, then this calls for a tough jacket. The jacket is made of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). CPE is made of a saturated group of polyethylene group forming a soft rubber jacket. CPE jacket is resistant to impact, abrasion, flames, oils, water, sunlight and can be immersed in water and it won’t let the water into the cable system. The cable jacket is also flexible and can maneuver through constrictions and tight corners without suffering stretch marks. It remains flexible even in cold environments. It sticks together in temperatures as low as -400C and hot temperatures of up to 1040C.

Approvals and Certifications

Whenever purchasing electrical cables always ensure to check these certifications. They are proof that the cable has the features which the manufacturer claims it has. The 16/3 SOOW portable cord has the following certifications;

• NEC 501.140 Class I Div. 2
• MSHA Approved
• NEC Article 400
• RoHS
• UL Listed
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) acceptable
• Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard 22.2No. 49


• Light motors
• Battery leads
• Industrial tools
• Aquariums
• Mining tools
• Generator wire
• Handy compressors
• Push button remotes 

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