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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge    2 AWG 
No. Conductors      5
Stranding   133/0.0223
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches         0.055" 
O.D. Inches    1.39"
New Weight lb/1000FT    1684 Lbs
Amps    64



2 gauge SOOW with five conductors, black is copper conductor with a wide range of applications. Each letter in SOOW portable cord stands for something. Service cord is abbreviated as S, O stands for oil resistant jacket while the other O denotes oil resistant insulation and the final W stands for Weather and Water resistant. This cable is commonly used to control the push buttons of remotes, industrial machinery and handy compressors.

2/5 SOOW Conductors and Flexibility

The five conductors are made of annealed bare conductors. Bare copper has is used in electrical circuits because of its reliability and good conductivity. The five conductors of the 2/5 SOOW black cable are made of fully annealed stranded bare copper. The conductor easily bends and terminates as per the user’s needs. The cable has 5 conductors and 133/0.0223 copper stranding making it even more flexible. This stranding is in accordance with the class K stranding stipulated by ASTM B 174 specification. For easy installation and termination, a separator may be put in place over the copper conductor.

Water and weather resistance

The environment in which a cable operates in will dictate its performance. The 2/5 SOOW black can operate in any environment thanks to the chlorinated polyethylene jacketing. As this cable is sometimes used for outdoor operations as the CPE jacket has been specially formulated to be sunlight resistant. This keeps the 2 gauge SOOW wire in the same working condition even in extremely high temperatures and weather. Even in cold weather the cable does not change its features and continues to be flexible.The temperature ratings ranges between -400 C and 900 C allowing the cable to be utilized in humid and dry locations.

Fire outbreaks may never be predicted. It is therefore imperative to take precaution measures with the 2/5 SOOW. It is flame retardant thanks to the Chlorinated Propylene (CPE). In line with this, it has been made according to the standards set by RoHS and MSHA.

Oil resistance

Generally SOOW cables can effectively operate in oily locations. If not well jacketed and insulated, the life span of a cable would otherwise be cut short in such environment. The cable is insulated with premium grade Ethylene Propylene which is oil resistant. Otherwise known as EPDM, ethylene propylene is also an excellent resistance to UV and low corrosion power. With EPDM, you can be certain of durability no matter the environment.


Safety is key especially with electrical wires and cables. The insulation and jacket materials for this cable have been well formulated to be impact resistance. The EPDM and CPE are oil resistant making the cable safe even for the end user. The 2/5 SOOW cable has been proven and tested to be safe by the following bodies;

  • RoHS
  • MSHA
  • NEC (National Electrical Code) 501. 140 Class Division 2
  • NEC article 400


As previously mentioned, the 600 Volts SOOW cable is constructed with annealed stranded bare copper. The reason behind this is that the areas of use call for very flexible cables. Just like most SOOW cables this portable cable is used as an electrical power and control cable. It is ideal for heavy duty installation as is the case with most portable cable. All this is owed to the jacket and insulation materials which have been design for great impact resistance.

The 2/5 SOOW black is also often used for ground test and motor leads. Thanks to the materials comprising its structure, the cable can be used to offer heavy duty service for industrial tools, battery chargers and portable lights. As earlier briefed about the insulation and jacket being flame and oil resistant, the cable is also used to provide heavy duty services for equipments that have been exposed to grease, oils, flame and solvents. It is totally safe

Here are some of the benefits of this cable;

  • Durable due to the materials used
  • Easy to install and terminate.
  • Approved by various stockholders

There is a wide variety of portable SOOW cables. You only need to understand clearly which one meets your needs. 

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