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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge        3/0
No. Conductors           3
Stranding 418/24
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches           1.895
Green: Ground 2 #4
Yellow: Ground Check  #8
O.D. Inches       1.895
New Weight lb/1000FT       3136 Lbs
NEC 274
CEC 274


3/0-3 Type G-GC Portable Power and Mining Cable

3/0-3 Type G-GC cable is a 3/0 AWG cable with 3 conductors all which are fully annealed stranded bare copper. The conductors are housed in Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) insulation. Both the insulation and the conductor are hosted by a black jacket made of chlorinated propylene (CPE).  All the materials used to construct the cable ensure it serves for a long time without being deteriorated even when placed in harsh environmental conditions. This type G-GC cable is ideal for maritime and industrial set ups because it is resistant to oil and water. The cable is also not affected by changes in weather patterns. It can be used in both wet and dry locations with its temperature ratings standing at -400 C and 900 C. its conductor transmits up to 600 volts of electric current at 274 amps.

Key features of the 3/0-3 Type G-GC cable

  • Approved by UL and CSA
  • -400 C to 900 C temperature ratings
  • 3/0 gauge
  • 3 conductors
  • Fully annealed stranded bare copper conductors
  • EPDM insulation
  • CPE jacket
  • 418/24 conductor stranding
  • 274 amps (NEC)
  • 3136 Lbs per 1000 FT
  • Flame retardant
  • Black
  • 600 volts
  • 8 AWG to 500 MCM


    The 3/0 type G-GC cable has 3 conductors. For the purposes of easy identifications the conductors are colored green, red and yellow. Conductors are made of fully annealed stranded bare copper conductors. The annealing and stranding processes aim at making conductor flexible and durable even in harsh conditions. The conductor stranding has been constructed in line with the Class K ASTM B 174. This specification clearly spells out the construction of conductor stranding. The copper conductors transmit up to 600 volts of power at 274 amps.


    The insulation not only houses the copper conductor but also protects the conductor against any kind of physical or chemical damages. The 3/3 type G-GC portable mining has been insulated with premium grade oil resistant material. This is ethylene propylene. Otherwise known as EPDM, ethylene propylene has great features such excellent dielectric strength. It is durable and not affected by water, chemicals, sunlight and ozone. It also helps the user not get electro- cuted or from a short- circuit.


    The jacket is black in color. This is the outer most part of the 3/0-3 type G-GC cable. . It protects both the copper conductor and the EP insulation from both chemical and physical damage. This cable has a Chlorinated Propylene (CPE) jacket. The jacket is resistant to alkalis, moisture, UV light, acids, abrasion and other chemicals. For easy identification the cable jacket has been colored black. Although the CPE jacket is very flexible, it must not be assumed that it is weak. Actually, CPE is a very sturdy material with the ability to combat any form of roughness that may affect the surface of the cable. CPE also produces a unique compound during combustion that allows it not to catch fire in case of such an occurrence.

    Certifications and industrial approvals

    Cable structure is put together in line with a number of international standards regarding electric cables.  The 3/0-3 type G-GC cable conforms with the following rules and international bodies;

  • UL
  • CSA
  • RoHS
  • NEC Article 400
  • MSHA


    The cable can be used in marine applications thanks to its ability to resist water and oil. The jacket and insulation materials making up this power wire enables it to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its high voltage rating, 600 volts, allows the cable to be used in heavy duty industrial applications. It is used in the mining and mineral processing plants. The portable power cord is used for marinas, oil drilling platforms, shipyards and portable power generation equipments. 

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