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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge    4 AWG 
No. Conductors       2
Stranding    119/25
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches         0.050" 
O.D. Inches    0.890"
New Weight lb/1000FT    500 Lbs
Amps     70



SOOW is an acronym which denotes specific attributes of the renowned SOOW industrial cable. S-stands for Service while OO-means oil resistant insulation cum oil resistant cable jacket. W on the other hand insinuates that a cable is water and weather resistant. There are a host of SOOW Cords out there depending on the materials used to make them, size, current capacity and number of conductors. Gauging by size, SOOW Cords are available from 2 Gauge, also denoted as 2 AWG to 18 Gauge.

A wide range of operating temperatures

Like most wire and cable products of the 4 AWG SOOW family, the 4/2 SOOW Black cable can give optimum performance over a wide range of temperatures of between -400C and 900C. This means that you can install it for use in both wet and dry environments without worries of adverse temperature interference with it transmission. This is a requirement by leading standardization bodies like MSHA and OSHA. So, this cable product is endorsed for use by the two wire safety standard bodies.

Heavy Duty 600V Rating

Industrial works require reliable 600 volts and that’s what 4/2 SOOW provides.All factors kept constant, the cable can safely transmit 70Amps, 600v over a lifetime without showing fluctuations in the consistency of transmission. Light duties require barely 300v, this cords is good for 600 V.

4/2 SOOW Environments

How safe would it be handling the 4 AWG with that much current going through it? Deciphering the name gives the answer. As the acronyms hint, S stands for service so it’s a service wire in industrial applications which has a relatively thick insulation and jacketing to keep oil and water at bay. Oil and water are leading causes of deterioration in cable performance, more so in maritime environment. If the 4/2 SOOW Black can effectively keep off water and oil it means it can ensure sustainable and consistent performance under the punishing industrial conditions. ‘’W’’ infers weather and water resistance meaning that this specific 4 AWG cable can effectively defy changes in weather and brackish environments.

The conductors are adequately protected by the insulation and jacketing from external attacks that would waiver its performance. This also means that the user is equally protected from electrocution by the high voltage power regardless of the operating environment. Ideally, this is an ideal safe SOOW Cord that any electrician would feel safe working with.

4/2 SOOW Black has Annealed Copper conductor, flexible structure

Copper has many advantages over many conductors out there, no wonder it’s a top pick for many cable installations. This cable has a two annealed copper conductors with strategically positioned separators to help you with stripping where need be. Annealing relieves the conductor of tensile forces so you can turn and twist the cables without causing any weaknesses to its structure, otherwise it’d easily get brittle and snap. The strands are 119/25 with a diameter of 0.860 inches which easily fits in conventional ducts. The size makes it malleable and flexible for easy installations. It weighs a meagre 0.515 lbs per ft.

Applications for 4 AWG SOOW

Annealed copper conductors with sturdy coatings are favorites for heavy duty outdoor installations requiring high flex life cables. It’s recommended for heavy rigs, machine transmission systems, cranes, docksides power installations and applications that require immersions. 4/2 SOOW Black’s impressive flexibility and resistance to chemicals, adverse weather, oil and abrasion makes it appropriate for high voltage cable services likes marine equipment, industrial tools, charters and so much more.    

This SOOW Portable Cord is the perfect fit for keeping off many outdoor factors which would otherwise completely hinder or impair power transmission in industrial plants. This means it’s a versatile candidate for a wide range of 600v applications.

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