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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge        4
No. Conductors           3
Stranding 259/28
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches           0.060 
Green: Ground 2 #8
Yellow: Ground Check  #10
O.D. Inches       1.145
New Weight lb/1000FT       1015 Lbs
NEC 114
CEC 114


4/3 Type G-GC Portable Power And Mining Cable

4/3 Type G-GC Portable power cables is a reliable power cable specially designed for use in mines. Mining environments are harsh therefore the manufacturers had to come up with relatively tough design that can withstand these environments. The 4/3 Type G-GC cable meets these requirement and it can withstand any harsh environment it is subjected to. Mining cables are also categorized in to various sizes. They are placed in to AWG sizes; a standard used for grading wires based on gauges. This cable is of size 4/3 which relatively means it has 4 gauges and 3 conductors.

This clearly shows that the cable is mostly meant for heavy duty applications. It has a good resistance towards changes in temperatures since it can operate in -400C and 900C in both wet and dry environments respectively.

Key specifications

  • 4 gauges
  • 3 copper conductors
  • Stranded copper conductors of 259/28
  • Wide insulation wall of 0.060 in Nom OD Inches
  • Green ground conductors of 2#8
  • Yellow ground check conductors of #10
  • Has a cable weight of 1015Lbs, 1b/1000ft
  • Operating temperature range of -400C to 900C
  • NEC 114


    As hinted earlier in this post, this cable has three copper conductors. The copper conductors are stranded and annealed to increase the cables flexibility since mining and industrial applications require flexible cables that are less likely to break. The strands are up to 259 and it is done as stated by ASTM B 174. The cable has ground and ground check wires among its conductors which enhances safety and carries more current.Each of the conductors is color coded to allow easy identification.

    The conductors are also relatively large which allows easy transmission of current without overheating occurring.


    In any electrical construction it is essential to have an insulation installed. All of the three conductors have an insulation laced on top of it. The material used for the insulation is Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) which enhances maximum safety to the users. It also protects the conductor from damage caused by oil, industrial solvents, acids, chemicals, abrasion, impact, sunlight and weather. It is available in different colors depending on the conductor mostly green and yellow.

    Cable jacket

    Its cable jacket is made from Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). Given that the cable is meant for heavy duty industrial applications, therefore it needs a tough cable jacket. The cable jacket protects the inner components of the, it also acts as an added insulation to the cable’s design. The CPE material is resistant to sunlight, water, oil, flames, abrasion, impact, acids and industrial solvents. It can also easily adapt to wet and dry climates. The cable jacket is black in color but also available in other colors upon request.

    Industrial ratings and approvals

    Industrial ratings and approvals are a sure way one can tell that a given product is genuine and has the attributes stated by the manufacturer on the product. It is vital for mining cables to have these approvals since their operating environment is quite demanding. The 4/3 Type G-GC portable cable has the following industrial ratings and approvals;

  • National Electric Code Article 400
  • MSHA Approved
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS
  • Flame test

    Benefits of 4/3 Type G-GC portable power and mining cable

    When you purchase this cable it has numerous benefits that come with it. First and foremost the cable is durable hence saves you money from constant repair and maintenance of the cable. The cable is also available in different sizes for you to choose from depending on the application.The cable is also flexible which gives you an easy time while operating it. It is sold to up to 1000ft in length and has sequential footage markings on the jacket to avoid guess work during installation.


    This cable can be used in various industrial applications. It can be used in most medium to heavy duty industrial applications. It most commonly used in oil drilling platforms, shipyards, portable power generation equipment, mining and mineral processing applications. Its other uses are in motor vehicle engines, generator lead cables and handy compressors. Versatility is also an added advantage to this cable which means it can be used in other applications that it was not specifically intended for.

    4/3 Type G-GC can also be used in marine applications in place of marine cables which include shipyards and while submerged in water.

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