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Minimum Length: 10 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000 FT.
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Gauge    4 AWG 
No. Conductors      4
Stranding   133/025
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches         0.060" 
O.D. Inches    1.257"
New Weight lb/1000FT    1144 Lbs
Amps    60


4/4 SOOW


SOOW is a type of portable power cord.  The acronym actually tells the user three different things: the S means it’s a 600 volt severe service cord.  The OO means that it makes use of oil-resistant insulation and an oil-resistant outer jacket.  Finally, the W shows that it can be used indoors or outdoors and meets the CSA guidelines for water and weather resistance.  The 4/4 SOOW cable makes use of 4 conductors and has an AWG side of 4, thus giving it its name.




A 4/4 SOOW wire makes use of fully annealed bare copper.  The stranding for this wiring is 133/25 (Al/Stl), which is listed as a Class K stranding according to ASTM B 174.  It has a diameter complete wire (O.D.) of 1.260 inches and a nominal insulation thickness of 0.060 inches.  This insulation is made from oil resistant ethylene propylene that protects the wiring form oils and other liquids.  The jacket is made from chlorinated polyethylene, a substance that is oil, water, and sunlight resistant plus is flame retardant.  A 1,000 foot spool of this wire weighs approximately 1,150 pounds. 


The 4/4 SOOW wiring meets a number of different standards and approvals, including, NEC 501.140 Class I Division 2 guidelines, MSHA guidelines, and NEC article 400.  It is RoHS compliant. 




This type of wiring has a number of different specifications as outlined in Article 400 of the National Electrical Code.  Most often, it’s used as a portable power cable in tools, equipment, and other appliances.  It can be used to provide power to operate motors in home appliances, machinery, and large tools, plus it can be used in power extension cords. 


SOOW cords can be found in residential, industrial, and commercial areas.  In fact, many of the power cords found in the average household that are used in outdoor equipment such as trimmers, saws, and power washers are SOOW cords. 


This wiring is often used in cold areas or in areas where the power cords will be frequently exposed to lower temperatures because the wiring remains flexible when exposed to cold air.  It’s also used in anywhere the wiring may be exposed to oil and water, direct sunlight, or abrasive terrain.  This makes it ideal for use on construction sites, especially those that are located in colder areas. 


Some specific applications of a 4/4 SOOW power cord are as follows:

  • Air compressors
  • Water purification systems
  • Push button remotes
  • Construction sites
  • Marinas
  • Sports complexes
  • Mines


The versatility of this type of wiring makes it ideal for power cords used in portable devices.  Being able to take the cord indoors or outdoors, expose it to water, and put it through a good amount of use without worrying about damaging it has made it a very popular option for many pieces of equipment.


Because of the flexibility of SOOW wiring, it’s rated for use in some extreme temperatures.  The lowest recommended temperature is -40 degrees Celsius, while the highest is 90 degrees Celsius.  At 90 degrees, the wiring is rated for an allowable ampacity of 60 amps.



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