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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge        8
No. Conductors           2
Stranding     133/29
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches           0.060 
O.D. Inches       0.741
New Weight lb/1000FT       328 Lbs


8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor Portable Power Cable

Type W cables are often used in the mining and construction industries not just because of their versatility but also because of their ability to withstand harsh conditions. Machines used in the mining and construction industries require high voltage power as such, Type W cables are often rated between 600 to 2000 volts depending on the area of application. The type of voltage rating of a Type W cable will dictate whether the cable will be used for underground or surface applications in the event bare grounding conductors may not be needed.

8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor Cable is one such cable available at a minimum length of 10 ft and a maximum length of 1000ft. It is denoted as 8/2 to mean that it is an 8 AWG cable with 2 conductors. This cable comprises of a copper conductor, EPDM insulation and a CPE jacket. The cable is long lasting thanks to the black superior grade, oil resistant and flame retardant CPE jacket. The submersible cable can operate in both wet and dry locations of temperatures ranging between -400 C and 900 C. The 8/2 cable has been constructed as per international standards for purposes of safety to both the users and the people carrying out installations.

Key features of the 8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor

• Stranding of order 133/29
• CPE Jacket
• 328 Lbs. per 1000Ft
• 8 AWG to 500 MCM
• 600-2000v rating
• Submersible cable
• 74 amperes rating 2 fully annealed stranded copper conductors
• EPDM insulation
• Operating temperatures of -400 C to 900 C


8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor Portable cable comes with 2 conductors with a gauge size of 8 AWG to 500 MCM and thus can be used for a variety of purposes. The conductor has been made of tiny copper wires. When it comes to electric cables, copper is the best material as it conducts electric power faster as compared to other metals. The copper stranding stands at 133/29 as per the ASTM B 174 standard. The reason for the high number of strands is so as to increase the flexibility of the cable even when in harsh conditions. The copper wires are also soft and malleable as the strands have gone through annealing process.


The conductor of the 8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor cable has been protected by an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). As the environment in which this cable operates in is rough and tough, an insulation material with top notch features is ideal. The EPDM insulation serves to protect the conductor from harsh environmental conditions and is oil resistant. This ensures the cable serves the customer efficiently and over a long period of time. Apart from protecting the conductor, EPDM also protects the end user from being electrocuted when handling the cable. The synthetic rubber insulation can withstand very high temperatures and is resistant to chemicals making the cable last longer.


The jacket of cables performs the important duty of holding every piece of the cable in a single unit. The jacket protects the cable from environmental elements that would otherwise make the cable not perform its duties as expected. Type W cables have a double layered jacket making the cable strong and durable. 8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor has been jacketed with Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). CPE is a great material with immense benefits.
The mining and construction areas in which the Type W cable is used is often marred with huge impacts. These impacts are likely to impair the cable from attaining its objectives. With CPE in place interference by impacts is nothing to fear as the jacket material is impact resistant. The jacket is also sturdy enough and remains so even when rough materials are placed on its surface. This is also owed to the fact that CPE possesses great anti-aging properties. The CPE jacket makes the cable resistant to fire, abrasion, ozone and a number of chemicals.

Approvals and certifications

Cables are important especially when operating various machines. The right cables will certainly produce the right outcome. Various international bodies and standards govern the construction of cables to ensure environmental safety and human safety. The 8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor portable cable is no different. It has gone through various tests by different bodies and has been certified safe for usage. It has been approved by the following:

• C(UL)(Multi conductors)
• UL Listed
• RoHS
• Flame tests
• CSA (single conductor)
• NEC Article 400


Type W cables are used in heavy duty power supply in surface and underground applications. They are used to supply power to hoists, pumps, mining machines, cranes and cars. Cables with two conduits are particularly used for alternative current single-phase as well as direct systems which do not need grounding. 8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor Cable for the following;

• Machines in Mining and mineral processing
• Uses in setting such for shipyards, marinas and oil drilling platforms
• Equipped of compacted power generation

Weighing 328 lbs per 1000 ft, the 8/2 Type W Multi-Conductor cable goes for $1.76 per 10 Ft. It is available for sale on Nassau National Cable.

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