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Minimum Length: 1 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000000 FT.
Price Per FT.


Gauge        8
No. Conductors           2
Stranding 133/29
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches           0.060 
O.D. Inches       0.741
New Weight lb/1000FT      328 Lbs
NEC 74
CEC 74


8/3 Type G-GC Portable Power and Mining Cable

8/3 type G-GC cable is a portable cord used for heavy duty power transmission. It is denoted 8/3 because its size is 8 AWG and comes with 3 conductors. The conductors are housed in EPDM insulation and a CPE jacket. The cable is easy to move about with when covering a wide area during installation as it weighs 328 Lbs. it has the capacity to transmit up to 600 volts of power at 74 amps.

The cable is durable thanks to its ability to resist water, oil and chemicals. All this is due to the materials used to construct the jacket and the insulation. The CPE and EPDM also help the cable to be impact resistant. The cable is flame retardant and proven safe by a number of international bodies and standards such as UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS. It is available at a minimum length of 10 FT and a maximum length of 1000 FT

Key features of the 8/3 type G-GC cable

  • 74 amps
  • 600 volts
  • 328 Lbs
  • 8 AWG
  • Black
  • 3 conductors
  • Fully annealed stranded bare copper conductors
  • CPE jacket
  • EPDM insulation
  • Highly flexible
  • 133/29 conductor stranding
  • Temperature standings of -400 C to 900 C
  • Meets and exceeds all UL flame and MSHA specifications
  • Flame retardant
  • Oil, water, ozone, chemical, abrasion and sunlight resistant


    This is the inner most part of the cable and has been made of fully annealed stranded bare copper. The 8/3 type G-GC cable is a multi-conductor with 3 conductors. The conductor stranding is 133/29 and has been constructed as per the ASTM B 174 international standard. All the 3 have been colored differently to easily identify them. They are colored green, yellow and red. The conductor allows the cable to be versatile in its use as its size ranges from 8 AWG to 500 MCM. The conductor is highly flexible, malleable and foldable because it has been taken through the processes of annealing and stranding.


    The insulation is found after the conductor and its purpose is to shield the conductor from being damaged physically or chemically. The 8/3 type G-GC cable is insulated with premium grade oil resistant Ethylene Propylene (EPDM). EPDM is known for its great dielectric strength. It also is resistant to water, ozone, chemicals, abrasion and ultra violet rays. These features go a long way in ensuring the cable has a long expectancy life. The EPDM insulation also protects the user from getting electrocuted.


    This is the outer most part of the cable and is black in color. The 8/3 type G-GC cable is jacketed with chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). The work of the CPE jacket is to protect the copper conductor and the EPDM insulation from all kinds of damages. CPE is the most ideal jacket for this cable as it has excellent properties but one that makes it outstanding is its ability to be flame retardant. This makes it safe for use even in the event of a fire outbreak. CPE is also resistant to sunlight, oil and water.

    Industrial approvals and certifications

    The 8/3 type G-GC cable has been taken through a number of international tests and dimmed safe for use. It has gone through flame tests and considered safe. The following international standards and bodies approve this portable cord;

  • RoHS
  • MSHA
  • CSA
  • UL
  • NEC Article 400


    This power and mining cord can be used for outdoors or indoors activities. Its temperature ranges allow it to be used in wet and dry locations. It can be used in areas that are low as -400 C or as high as 900 C. Though rated 600 volts, it can still be used for low or medium purposes. The EPDM insulation and CPE jacket allow the cable to operate in the harshest of conditions without the cable being deteriorated. The 8/3 Type G-GC power cord can beused for marinas, oil drilling platforms, shipyards and portable power generation equipments. It is also used in the mining and mineral processing plants. Its ability to resist water and oil makes it ideal for maritime environments. 

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