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Minimum Length: 10 FT.
Maximum Length: 1000 FT.
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Gauge    8 AWG 
No. Conductors      4
Stranding   133/029
Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches         0.060" 
O.D. Inches    0.953"
New Weight lb/1000FT    619 Lbs
Amps    35


8/4 SOOW Portable Cable

8/4 Portable SOOW wire is another great product under the SOOW wire category which has a wide range of sturdy conductors. It is often referred to as 8 gauge 4-conductor SOOW wire which simply means that the cable conductor’s measures 8 gauges as per the American wire Gauge and has four conductors. 8 gauge is roughly 3.26 mm diameter so the conductors are pretty narrow compared to the preceding 6 gauge SOOW conductors.

This is a typical industrial grade cable for use with a number of commercial tools, vehicles and machines. The design is intricately crafted to offer optimal safety for both the conductor and the user when the cable is transmitting power under the worst of conditions. 8 gauge SOOW wire with four conductors can safely transmit 35 amps current, 600 volts with minimal interference even in a busy environment.

As the case with all SOOW wires, this cable is a service wire product whose insulation and jacket are both resistant to moisture, water, industrial solvents, sunlight and changes in weather. This means that its listed for both indoor and outdoor applications because it can withstand many conventional outdoor factors that impair the performance of an industrial cable. It can also be used for heavy duty mines power system and sea-based oil rigs.


8/4 SOOW Portable cord is made of annealed copper conductor which can safely relay 600 volts of 35 amps current to a system without overheating or short circuiting. Copper wire is naturally a good conductor but it’s annealed to make it more efficient, flexible and soft. The advantage of using this annealed 8 gauge SOOW cable is that it’s easy to cut, very flexible thus easy to install through trays and ducts offering the flowing current minimal resistance. Using flexible conductors also means the cable can be folded for easy transportation without compromising the structure rigidity of the copper conductor. The cable has four such conductors each of 0.13 inches diameter.


An industrial grade cable 8/4 SOOW wire needs an industrial grade insulation. Ethylene propylene, M-class, often referred to as EPDM is used for the cable. The insulation keep elements like moisture, water, sunlight and weather from the conductor ensuring that it operates within a conducive environment. It can also withstand the effects of UV light, ozone, oil and industrial solvents which eat away conventional insulations so this cable can be used in a wider scope. Insulation of this cable is in line with international stands, ASTM D-1418 for saturated ethylene. The coating has a nominal thickness of 0.06 inches.


The jacket is an additional layer on top of the insulation which houses the four conductors of the 8/4 SOOW cable. It’s made of Chlorinated chain of polyethylene commonly known as CPE. The 0.975 inches thick CPE jacket is very tough yet so flexible. No matter how much you bend the 8 gauge SOOW wire, the jacket will not wear instantly. This adds to the flexibility of the cable. It can take in the impact of impulses and abrasive forces without yielding. In case of a fire break out, the CPE jacket transforms into a hard incombustible casing which makes the cables system fire proof so that transmission is not affected by fires. It also ensures that the wire has a wide operating range of temperatures of between -400C and 900C.

Size and Capacity

This is an industrial grade cable made for relay of medium voltage power; 600 volts. The current capacity is 35 ampheres which is fair for many industrial machines. It has four conductors hence suitable for three phase current. The minimum length of the 8/4 SOOW wire that you can buy is a foot and the maximum length in one purchase is 1000 feet. 1000 feet weighs 619 pounds which is light weight compared to possible substitutes. The conductors and marked in white, black, red and green insulations to help handlers with color coding.

Approvals and Certifications

8 gauge Portable SOOW wire is tested and certified by a number of renowned laboratories and standards bodies as a testament that is has the attributes outlined in this post. It is approved and certified by the following bodies:

  • NEC 501.140
  • MSHA
  • NEC
  • RoHS


8/4 portable SOOW cable has a large number of viable areas of application. This is because the cable has features that enable it to withstand rough operating environments. The most common applications include:

  • 600v rated tools
  • Generator lead wires
  • Battery lead wires
  • Service wire for large industrial machines
  • Small Motors
  • Portable tools.
  • Handy compressors
  • Control systems
  • Fire alarm systems

There are many SOOW wires, the 8 gauge SOOW is just one in a pool of many options. If you need any clarifications or more information concerning the 8/4 SOOW wire, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

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