• Cable Reel: How Can You Ship & Handle it Without Damage?

    The cable reel is the source for cables utilized in installations, upgrades, and replacements. A cable reel handled callously results in damage to the cable wound around it. These damages often cost the manufacturers or distributors dearly, and it indeed leads to extended deadlines for completing timely installations. These reels are often purchased in bulk to leverage ease of usage and availability. So it calls for a strict Ship & Handle procedure to keep the Reels in a flawless condition during shipment. Continue reading

  • Choosing the building wire between THHN and XHHW

    Choosing the right building wire for constructing a new facility is the biggest challenge for an engineer or an electrical technician and such common type of conductors are THHN and XHHW which have similar specifications.

    Both of these cables are approved up to 600V for the power distribution and are generally used for the purpose of constructing industrial, commercial and residential wiring. Continue reading

  • What is DLO Cable and its Ampacity?

    A diesel locomotive is primarily a machine in which the engine runs on the diesel.  Apart from vehicles, there are many other applications where the diesel is used in machines, especially wind turbines, industrial machines, train wagons and much more. Continue reading

  • Don’t Get Shocked! 4 Safety Tips for Working with Electrical Cables

    At Nassau National Cable, we work with companies from across the nation to offer all types of wire, from marine cable to high temp cable, for sale in our online store. Our products are built for durability and performance, but improper usage may put users at risk.

    Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons Customers Choose Nassau National Cable

    With over 60 years in business, we here at Nassau National Cable have seen many relationships with clients come and go across the years. Some long, some short and some that just start to feel like an everyday part of your life.

    Continue reading

  • Pros & Cons of Fiber Optic Cable

    With the ever-going battle between Verizon Fios and Xfinity, we hear both of them talk about a fiber optic network, and a lot of us nod our head and agree but do we really even know what that means?

    If you're honest and just admitted to yourself that you also have no idea what a fiber optic network is — don't worry, we here at Nassau National Cable will give you all of the pros and cons of a fiber optic network.

    Continue reading

  • Which SOOW Cable Should You Choose?

    SOOW cables are always a durable and reliable cable choice for heavy-duty industrial applications. After all, it’s all explained in the cable’s name:

    Continue reading

  • Why You Should Switch to Aluminum Conductor MC Cables

    When it comes to power lighting, branch circuits and cable tray and service feeders, it’s important to make sure that the installation and application processes run smoothly to keep your residential, industrial or commercial property functioning properly. If regular pipes, wires or PVC cables aren’t doing the trick when it comes time to an install, it may be time to switch.

    Continue reading

  • Would Your Company Be a Good Fit for the Nassau National Cable Supplier Program?

    At Nassau National Cable, we form long-lasting relationships with wire and cable suppliers throughout the United States. Through these partnerships, we are able to offer superior aluminum and copper products to customers. If you have a strong commitment to customer service and share our ethical values, we encourage you to apply for the Nassau National Cable Supplier Program.

    Continue reading

  • Aluminum Conductor 15 KV MV-105 133%-EPR/PVC Copper Tape Shield

    The aluminum conductor 15 KV MV-105 133%-EPR/PVC copper tape shield is a heat and moisture resistant conductor. The copper tape shield comes equipped with a natural high dielectric strength EPR-based insulation per each ICEA S-97-682. The copper tape shield also features a semi-conducting thermosetting insulation shield. Continue reading

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