Five Reasons to Buy Aluminum URD Triplex and Quadruplex Cables for power distribution

Five Reasons to Buy Aluminum URD Triplex and Quadruplex Cables

Aluminum URD Triplex and Quadruplex electrical cables are a long-standing fan-favorite among cable buyers for underground distribution of power for homes and commercial buildings. Given the excellent properties of these electrical cables, it does not come as a surprise. Are you curious to know why aluminum URD triplex and quadruplex cables are so popular? Here are the five reasons why you should pick URD for your next purchase.

1.They allow you to kill three (or four) birds with one stone, or cable.

Since the electrical cable has three or four conductors, you can connect multiple circuits in one standing. When you establish multiple circuits, you may find it comfortable to do so with one cable. Luckily, regulations allow multiple circuits in one cable as long as it matches the quality of an aluminum URD.

2.They are more cost-effective than the alternatives.

While copper and silver may be considered superior conductors, high-quality aluminum conductors perform incredibly well, and their price makes them a bargain that is hard to match. Furthermore, aluminum URD Cable is extremely cost-effective in a smart way. Wiring a commercial building can require several thousand feet of electrical cable, which can amount to a hefty bill, so opting for less expensive cables will save you a lengthy bill. You also save on labor costs because the multi-conductor construction reduces pulling installation by 200-300% percent, instead of pulling two or three individual cables and a neutral ground, these cables are all tethered together so they can all be pulled at once.

3.The quality of an aluminum conductor is impressive.

You may think that the low price is the only bonus you get, but this is not the case. The conductor is made of 1350-H19 aluminum alloy, which is one of the best aluminum options on the market. The aluminum used is mixed with copper, zinc, and silicon. This helps to enhance the conductive properties of an aluminum conductor that are already great. The conductors of aluminum triplex and quadruplex URD cables have greater tensile strength and corrosion resistance than other aluminum conductors. And no, it does not make them any more expensive. 

4. You can choose a conductor that suits your goal better.

The URD electrical cable comes with either concentric strand or compressed conductors. If you choose a compressed conductor, the cable will be less bulky. Compressed conductors are also stronger and tougher, so it is perfect for more hard-wired applications. Stranded conductors are perfect for applications that require superior flexibility. They also reduce power loss because of their lower electrical resistance, so opt for stranded variations if this factor is significant for you.

5. Aluminum URD versatile applications

Aluminum URD triplex and quadruplex cables are designed for secondary distribution. The cable is suitable both for installing in ducts and direct burial. Thanks to water and weather resistance properties, the cable is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Aluminum URD is also suitable for pre-pulling into ducts. All in all, Aluminum URD cable is one of the best choices when it comes to secondary distribution.

PS: Fun Fact about Aluminum URD Cables

If you ever randomly surfed the web for cables without particularly knowing what you need, Aluminum URD cables might have caught your eye. Unlike other cables on the market, aluminum URD cables have code names attached to them depending on their size. Single-conductor, duplex, triplex, and quadruplex cables carry the names of American colleges and universities. So, if you went to Dyke College in Ohio or Monmouth College in New Jersey, you may find that your cable is named after your alma mater. This is just another reason why aluminum URD cables are awesome and unique. At Nassau National Cable, we love them, and we hope that you would grow to love them just as much.

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