Which SOOW Cable Should You Choose?

SOOW cables are always a durable and reliable cable choice for heavy-duty industrial applications. After all, it’s all explained in the cable’s name:

S - Service Cord. This pertains to the cable’s ability to power up to 600 volts.

O - Oil Resistant. This first ‘o’ means that the cable is oil resistant inside of its jacket.

O - The second ‘o’ indicates that the outer jacket is also oil resistant.

W - Weather/Water Resistant. Regardless of weather conditions, this cable will not become damaged or rusted.

These cables can be used for a variety of applications throughout different industries. They are very versatile and able to power up tools, plants, equipment, and more. However, it’s important to purchase the right SOOW cable for your particular application.

While SOOW cables are similar to one another, they have a few differences regarding size, insulation, flexibility, temperature range, certifications, and more. To make sure all operations run smoothly, make sure your company invests in the SOOW cable that will benefit your application the most.

But how can you know exactly which cable is the best choice — or even what choices are available? At Nassau National Cable, we provide four different sizes of SOOW cables: 2/4, 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4. Our professionals can answer any of your questions about each type and help you select the choice that is best for you. But usually, depending on your company and industry, there may be certain standards set as to which size you should choose.

If you don’t know which type to choose, or if you would just like a little more information on the type you typically used, here’s a quick look at the differences between the different SOOW cables.


  • Operates between -40 degrees C to 90 degrees C
  • Easily installed in wet & dry area
  • Not affected by UV or sunlight
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Can be rolled & moved from place to place


  • Medium-sized wire with four conductors
  • Very strong, can always be kept in shape
  • Malleable and foldable


  • All four wires independently transmit power
  • Four conductors of class K stranding in line with the ASTM B 174
  • Thick enough to absorb impacts from the industrial environments


  • Narrow 3.26 mm diameter
  • Also operates between -40 degrees C to 90 degrees C
  • 1000 feet, weighs 619 pounds

While each size of SOOW cables serving the same function, their size can offer certain benefits or downfalls based on your specific application. But overall, all of these cables are extremely durable, flexible, and insulated to guarantee protection and strength.

For a limited time, Nassau National Cable is offering SOOW cables at a special discounted price. To purchase SOOW cables or other types of wiring, browse our website or call 1-800-480-9541.

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