Why You Should Switch to Aluminum Conductor MC Cables

When it comes to power lighting, branch circuits, and cable tray and service feeders, it’s important to make sure that the installation and application processes run smoothly to keep your residential, industrial, or commercial property functioning properly. If regular pipes, wires, or PVC cables aren’t doing the trick when it comes time to an install, it may be time to switch.

Regular wires and cables can be very useful in some applications. However, they may not be durable enough to complete every job. If you’re considering using a different type of cable when it comes time to install, consider switching to aluminum conductor MC cables.

What are aluminum conductor MC cables?

Aluminum conductor MC cables are 600-volt cables that can be used for many applications. The MC stands for “Metal Clad,” meaning that the cable is jacketed with an aluminum interlocked armor. The metal-clad, in this case,  wraps around the conductors of the cable.

While they are ideal for indoor applications, these cables can be used outdoors and in-conduit underground. However, it is not possible to use these cables directly in the ground unless you use an extra PVC jacket.

Why switch to aluminum conductor MC cables?

These cables have continued to gain popularity because of their benefits in comparison to other cables. Here are some things that set aluminum conductor MC cables apart:


These cables are outstanding regarding structure. They have their own armor and protection attached to them, so electrical conduit and extra jacketing are not necessary.


By moving to aluminum conductor MC cables, you can cut down your installation budget by 50% on each task for your next project. This is because you don’t need to spend the extra money on a protective sleeve.

Lightweight and Quick to Install

Installation requires you to move the cable around. If a cable is heavy, it will slow down the process. This cable, however, is very lightweight, which helps save time during installation.


The aluminum in these cables has unlimited bends. Therefore, these cables are very flexible to install and remove. Flexibility will allow you to cut and bend cable according to your needs.

Easy to Install

Because of their flexibility, these cables are very easy to use. Bending conduit can be a complicated task to master, and the unlimited bends of the aluminum eliminate this issue. And this way, no special tools are required for installation.

Overall, aluminum conductor MC cables are an affordable, flexible, and durable substitute for regular wires and cables. To speed up your next installation process and cut costs, consider using these cables for indoor and select outdoor applications.

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  • Because it’s cheaper and lighter than a copper wire of the same resistance per length; about 6 times cheaper and twice as light as copper.
    I enjoyed reading the blog. Keep on sharing!

    Naveen Sing

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