Amazon Gift Card

Nassau National Cable is dedicated to ensuring that you get value for your money. Being a top brand selling conductor cables and wires, we ensure you save money and at the same time, enjoy your shopping with us. When you purchase our cable and wire products, we may offer you an Amazon gift card and this is applicable to orders exceeding $1000.

A gift card will provide you a discount that you can take advantage of on future purchases. The gift card will cover a significant amount of your bill and it is a sign of relief when making purchases. A gift card allows you to work on a budget because you have a fixed balance on the card unlike when you use a credit card that may compel you to overspend because of the thrills of shopping.

The gift card does not expire and does not carry renewal or holding fees. If you have the gift card balance, you are on credit until you spend the money. Again, the gift card does not carry transaction costs like it happens with credit or debit cards.

We want to make your shopping experience with us a fun moment. We not only offer gift cards when you purchase our cable and wire products at but also at

Start saving today by shopping with Nassau, the trusted brand in electrical conductor cables and wires!