Once an order is completed and we received confirmation of a definite payment preference, we automatically issue your exact order to one of our facilities. Depending on the possibility of system parts and other aspects that alter the manufacturing process, the lead time may vary. The amount of time it will take from the date it was ordered to actual ship date can depend on both what the customer is buying and what shipping method they are using. Crown does its best in estimating precisely when products can ship from our warehouse and directly to those we are partnered with. Usually predicted shipping dates are created on several factors such as, one’s address of location, how fast we can achieve, put together, and prepare the products for shipment. Sometimes it is also contingent on the product ordered and the shipping method selected. Also its important to keep in mind that Crown’s shipping dates are a range of dates and not precise unless the customer selects the option to guarantee the shipments delivery date in which case it will be delivered on the specified date. If delivery time is important please contact one of our customer representatives to ensure you get the product in the time frame you require.