Crush and Impact Resistant Arctic Grade Cables

Although there may not be many people living in the frozen corners of the world, there is certainly a need for power distribution to industrial outposts in even the most remote areas. When working in these regions, it is likely that you will need to span a length of cable for hundreds of miles through rugged terrain. These cables will need to be reliable enough to stand up to a continuous beating and it could be hundreds of miles to the next power station. CIR® Power Cables with Gexol® Arctic Grade insulation are one of the few products on the market that are capable of handling Earth’s extreme conditions.

CIR® stands for “Crush and Impact Resistant”. The cable has undergone the same crush and impact tests that Underwriters Laboratories uses on type MC-HL cables. The CIR® cable however, is up to 40% more flexible than Type MC cables. When combined with Gexol® insulation, the cable boasts a brittle point of -75°C so it is no wonder this product is a favorite for harsh Arctic climates.

Shipping docks and offshore drilling platforms are two of the most common industrial structures you will find in Arctic and Antarctic regions. CIR® Power Cables with Gexol® Arctic Grade insulation is the cable of choice when wiring these structures because these cables pass requirements set by Underwriters Laboratories for use at sea. This cable possesses the durability and resilience to handle the constant tugging of the ocean waves. The Gexol® insulation provides an airtight seal around the conductors that is impenetrable by water or corrosive gasses.

The CIR® Power Cable with Gexol® Arctic Grade insulation is also approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use in hazardous locations. The Gexol® polyolefin insulation is flame retardant and passes IEEE 1580 flame test. Not only can this cable perform under extreme cold, but it can handle the heat as well.

If you’re planning a project in an are where temperatures may drop below zero, consider the Crush and Impact Resistant Arctic Grade cable. Contact Nassau Electrical Supply for more information about this product!