Use caution when working near electricity.Always assume that all overhead wires are energized.

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Crush and Impact Resistant Arctic Grade Cables

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The importance of electrical engineers in today’s society is nothing short of the utmost.

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Genfree II High Speed Type XHHW-2 LSZH XLPO Low Voltage Power Unshielded 600V UL

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Over the years, our suppliers have been the backbone of our company. Our Supplier Program consists of a diverse pool of companies who share the same values as we do. We try to work with companies that exude positivity in the workplace and the community. That being said, we do our best to include every potential supplier as there as it is highly advantageous to have a broad network supply chain.

Our supply chain uses 2/10, net 30 which gives the buyer 30 days to pay the invoice and if paid in full within 10 days, 2% of the sales total is refunded to the buyer. This is one example of how our supply chain is a close-knit network.

We value our suppliers very much and have worked with many of our suppliers for decades. We are interested in creating relationships with suppliers that lead to results, therefore it is important to us that our suppliers are treated with the utmost respect and loyalty.