1/0-1/0 Bull Aluminum Duplex Overhead

1/0-1/0 Bull Aluminum Duplex Overhead

1/0-1/0 Bull Aluminum Duplex Overhead


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Min Length: 1 FT
Max Length: 1000000 FT
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1/0-1/0 Bull Aluminum Duplex Overhead

Allowable Ampacity for 1/0-1/0 Bull Aluminum Duplex Overhead XLP at 90°C: 205 Amps

Allowable Ampacity for 1/0-1/0 Bull Aluminum Duplex Overhead Poly at 75°C: 160 Amps


Duplex aluminium overhead cables have two conductors: one for electrodes, and the other one as a messenger (neutral conductor). This electrical wire, also called duplex overhead aluminum wire, is designed and manufactured for use in 120 V power distribution facilities. It is aerially installed with a maximum operational temperature rating of 75°C. 

Just as the name of the aluminum drop duplex cable suggests, it has aluminium conductors which are insulated with a cross linked polyethylene for chemical and mechanical protection, forming the circular core. A bare messenger wire of this electrical cable is made of aluminum and is longitudinally laid on the conductors.

Also Known As:

1/0-1/0 bull aluminium overhead cables, 1/0-1/0 bull overhead aluminum wire, 1/0-1/0 bull two conductor cable, 1/0-1/0 bull 2 conductor power cable, 1/0-1/0 bull two conductor, 1/0-1/0 bull aluminum drop, 1/0-1/0 bull overhead service drop conductors, 1/0-1/0 bull overhead service conductors.


  • ASTM B-230 

  • ASTM B-231 

  • ASTM B-232 

  • ASTM B-399 

  • ICEA S - 76 - 474



Duplex aluminium overhead cables have a concentric strand or compressed 1350-H19 series aluminum conductor.


Duplex overhead aluminum wire has a bare ACSR messenger. Optional constructions include a messenger of AAC or 6201 alloy. 


Cables with duplex overhead service drop conductors have a black cross linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation. 


  • Size AWG: 1/0

  • Stranding: 19/w

  • Insulation Thickness (mils): 0.060

  • Neutral Size AWG: 1/0

  • Weight lbs./1000ft: XLP: 289

  • Weight lbs./1000ft: Poly: 280

  • Ampacity: XLP: 205

  • Ampacity: Poly: 160

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