16 AWG (26/30) TC AWM 3173

16 AWG (26/30) TC AWM 3173

16 AWG (26/30) TC AWM 3173


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16 AWG (26/30) TC AWM 3173


The lead hook up wire was developed for highly volatile explosive working conditions with high temperatures, such as for industrial control, military equipment, transformers, motor leads, and computers. 

Lead wire AWM hook up cable complies with the CSA FT-2 specifications for fire compliance, UL 3173/3195/3196/3237 for 125°C/600V flexing cables, CSA CL 1251 for cables flexing at 125°C, and CSA AWM I A/B 600 Volts at 125°C. If you are looking where to buy hook up wire, Nassau National Cable is among the leading lead wire suppliers with a wide hook up wire assortment.

Also Known As:

16 awg hook up wire, 16 awg lead wire cable, 16 awg hook cable, 16 awg lead cable, 16 awg lead wire, 16 awg stranded hookup wire, 16 awg lead covered wire, 16 awg electrode lead wires, 16 awg electrical lead wire, 16 awg high voltage lead wire, 16 awg type ul.


Temperature Range/Voltage Rating:

  • UL 3173/3195/3196/3237: 125°C/600V
  • CSA CL 1251: 125°C/600V
  • CSA AWM I A/B: 125°C/600V

Flame Compliances:

  • CSA FT-2

Industry Approvals:

  • UL Standard 758 - Styles 3173/3195/3196/3237
  • UL SIS
  • CSA AWM I A/B, CL 1251



This lead wire conductor is a stranded piece enhanced with tinned copper. The set-up is put together in line with the specifications of ASTM B-33. Stranding makes the cable very flexible so that it can be folded for easy transportation and bent to fit into ducts during installation.


The hook up cable has XLPE insulation, which is flexible but very tough, made of a complex chain of molecules forming a sturdy polymer. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, is resistant to chemicals and UV light deformations, water-tight, and easy to cut.


  • AWG (Stranding): 16 (26x30)
  • Insulation Thickness (inches): 0.030
  • Insulation Thickness (mm): 0.76
  • Nominal O.D. (inches): 0.122
  • Nominal O.D. (mm): 3.10
  • Standard Unit Weight (Lbs.): 7.5
  • Standard Unit Weight (kg.): 3.4

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