Direct Burial Cables

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It is endowed and designed with distinctive features which make them suitable for their areas of applications. This kind of cable is preferably used as communication or transmission cable. For the reason of its area of application, the cable is made in a unique way. Remember, it is directly buried that is to say, it is not used with any extra covering, sheathing or any piping to protect it.

 A good direct-burial cable has to be well built to endure and tolerant heat, moisture, abrasion and soil acidity without causing any havoc. The Nassau national cable enjoys the moral and professional obligation of providing you with quality electrical cables. In comparison to the telecommunication and power cables which only have a thin insulation layer, this cable has multiple layers of heavily banded metallic sheath. This insulation is highly reinforced using heavy rubber, it has a shock absorbing gel, is wrapped with a waterproof tape and has a heavy metal core stiffening.

Structure of Direct Burial Cable

Here is the detail internal structure of the cable, which makes it suitable for the application it is meant for.

Shock absorbing gel- It is a liquid substance which reduces any impacts which may tend to disorient the internal setting of the cable by absorbing the shocks.

Reinforced center-this is a central part of the cable which give reinforcement to the other essential parts just to avoid collapse of the cable structure.

Filler armour- It is a filler material whose duty is to enforce prevention of any destructive agents like abrasion.

Cable Sheath- There are actually two cable sheaths: the inner and the outer sheath. These sheaths help in providing adequate protection to the cable.

Nassau National Cable has a couple of buried cables which you can shop. Here are the cables with their detailed features to help guide you in making your choice.

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