Direct Burial Cables

A direct burial cable is not any other ordinary cable. It is endowed and designed with distinctive features which make them suitable for their areas of applications. This kind of cable is preferably used as communication or transmission cable. For the reason of its area of application, the cable is made in a unique way. Remember, it is directly buried that is to say, it is not used with any extra covering, sheathing or any piping to protect it.


A good direct-burial cable has to be well built to endure and tolerant heat, moisture, Read More

abrasion and soil acidity without causing any havoc. The Nassau national cable enjoys the moral and professional obligation of providing you with quality electrical cables. In comparison to the telecommunication and power cables which only have a thin insulation layer, this cable has multiple layers of heavily banded metallic sheath. This insulation is highly reinforced using heavy rubber, it has a shock absorbing gel, is wrapped with a waterproof tape and has a heavy metal core stiffening.

Structure of Direct Burial Cable

Here is the detail internal structure of the cable, which makes it suitable for the application it is meant for.


Shock absorbing gel- It is a liquid substance which reduces any impacts which may tend to disorient the internal setting of the cable by absorbing the shocks.

Reinforced center-this is a central part of the cable which give reinforcement to the other essential parts just to avoid collapse of the cable structure.

Filler armour- It is a filler material whose duty is to enforce prevention of any destructive agents like abrasion.

Cable Sheath- There are actually two cable sheaths: the inner and the outer sheath. These sheaths help in providing adequate protection to the cable.

Nassau National Cable has a couple of buried cables which you can shop. Here are the cables with their detailed features to help guide you in making your choice.

Single Aluminum Conductor Direct Burial 1359 Series 600 V URD

Aluminum is one of the excellent electrical conductors. Compared to copper, Aluminum is less corrosive and cannot be easily damaged by chemical substances, it is this among many other reasons that Single Aluminum Conductor Direct Burial 600 V URD cable should form your top choices.


The cable is designed for application in secondary distribution circuits, it can serve you well in installed ducts or direct burial applications. The maximum operation temperature of the cable is 90 degrees Celsius both in wet and dry places. This temperature range is wide indeed and because of the adequate insulation feature of the cable, it can be well buried directly and serve you without any fear or doubt.


The voltage rating of the cable is 600 V, as an electrician or cable user, it is highly recommended that you know your cable rating before you opt to buy it. Using wrong cables on loads which are not designed for them is unethical and can be hazardous.

Conductor and Insulation

The conductor used in the design of this cable is Aluminum. The conductor specification is Aluminum 600V URD. Now this conductor is made up of concentric strands or compressed 1350-H19 series of aluminum conductor. There are some distinctive features and benefits of either stranded conductor cable or compressed conductor cable. At Nassau National Cable, we provide you with both and advice accordingly.

From the structure of the cable we have observed how the cable has a series of protective features. The insulation structure of this wire has to be reliable and strong and that is why it is made of a black cross-linked polyethylene material.

Quadruplex Aluminum Conductor Direct Burial 1350 Series 600V URD


Here is another Direct Burial cable for you. It is also designed for use in secondary distribution circuits where it can either be installed in a duct or direct burial application. Many of the problems faced with direct burial application is that, the cables experience adverse temperatures. For this cable, it can easily work in an environment whose temperature doesn’t exceed 900 C.



This is a quadraplex conductor cable which means that it has four conductors. These conductors are either in a concentric strand or compressed 1350-H19 series. But they are coupled together while surface printing is used for identification. The neutral conductor is always yellow stripped for identification. Quadraplex Aluminum Conductor Direct Burial cable has a voltage rating of 600V.


Being a direct burial application cable, it is designed with a strong insulation system made of a black cross linked polyethylene insulation(XLP).

Duplex Aluminum Conductor Direct Burial 1350 Series 600 URD.


Duplex Aluminum Conductor cable is designed with its varied uniqueness. It finds its main application in secondary distribution circuits. In these applications, it can either be installed in ducts or direct burial. Due to its profound insulation feature, the cable can do well in the adverse conditions, even in applications whose temperature go as high as 900 C. Alternatively, Nassau provides a pre-pulled into duct cable.


Conductor and Insulation

This cable is made of Aluminum conductors which are either concentric stranded or compressed 1350-H19 series. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity with minimal disadvantages as far as corrosion is concerned. It has two conductors which are coupled together with identifications on the surface. The neutral conductor is distinctive with a yellow stripe on its surface. The cable is rated 600 V which means it is appropriate for circuits with low voltage consumption.

 Insulation is made of a competent material, a cross linked polyethylene material. The material is black and possess the protective features in order to shelter the cable.


Direct Burial cables from Nassau National are designed with quality touch and have earned internal approval of standards from:

Nassau National Cable is endowed with a wide range of cables and hybrid of cables. We don’t limit your freedom of choice and that is why we endeavor to bring as many products as possible on board.Direct Burial cables is just one line of products out of many that we deal in. Remember for you to get quality products, you must shop from reliable and trusted electrical cable shop out of which Nassau Nation Cable is one.

It is always our pleasure serving you well. We hope you found our post very invaluable as far as your knowledge on cables is concerned. We look forward to serving you when you choose to shop with us. Should you have any questions, make yourself free and join our live chat. Read Less

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