The impacts of aluminum cables on the technological realm are huge. Machines and various processes have their workability and operations enhanced, credit to the high efficiency aluminum cables. The most common versions of aluminum cables are Home feeder cable, XHHW, SER, SEU, RHH, RHW-2 and USE-2. These are unique wire products specially designed and developed for specific operations. In this post, I share with you the specification of the various cables and their best applications. All the cables discussed on this post are readily available at Nassau National Cable at mouse clicks. All you need is an internet connection you’ll have your Read More

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Cables that work well with few drawbacks and optimized reliability are the most appreciated, of which aluminum-based cables are. Power transmission and distribution need robust and effective cables; cables that can withstand high voltage ratings and adverse weather conditions. This is why many buyers opt for aluminum cables over other options and it’s probably what would work best for your project. There’s only one way to find out; read on…

Is it a versatile cable, can you use it for other applications?

Versatility with regards to cables refers to the ability to adapt to other transmission needs other than the specific need for which you purchased it. The vitality and versatility of the cable you use depend entirely on the material, the design and manufacturing process. Yes, these aluminum cables are standard cables which can be put to wide range of applications as long as the voltage ratings are not exceeded. They have reliable protection, great malleability for easy installation, they are tough to resisting bruising forces and can withstand the harshest of environments among other positive attributes.

  1. Mobile Home Feeder Cables


Home Feeder Cables are a special type of service entrance cables made for mobile homes. Mobile homes are vulnerable to a number of factors as compared to the conventional homes so if you are looking to invest in any form of mobile unit, this is the ideal SER that will ensure adequate safety for your circuitry. Service entrance cables are necessary linkswhich provide a connection between the in-house circuitry to the main power supply cables. For a reliable connection, it is necessary that the connection from the drop-down cable is secure and safe.

Essentially, it is from the home feeder cable that power distribution starts as it spreads to the entire building. That is how important this cable is, and it therefore means it must be designed to standard so that it works with utmost reliability, efficiency and most importantly; the kind of safety need for your mobile home.

This cable is designed for use as a service entrance cable for mobile homes. Due the mobility with its area of application, this cable is sunlight resistant and has all adaptive features to enable it cope with this flexible and exposure environment. Its design and assembly is as par the provisions of the National Electric Code. It is also applied in the raceways and underground installations with recommendations from NEC.

  • Operation

Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder cable has a maximum operation temperature of 90 degrees Celsius in wet and dry places. These cables serves you well even in the adverse weather conditions. Heated locations to more than 90 degrees Celsius should be avoided since that will deteriorate the operationalization of the cable. It has a voltage rating of 600 volts.

  • Conductor

This cable is made of aluminum conductor. The conductor is designed as a compact strand made up of soft drawn 8000 series of aluminum conductors. This design makes the cable rigid and hard to break. The design is as per the ASTM B-800 and B-801.

  • Insulation

The cable has an insulation system which is robust and sturdy. The type XHHW-2 cross linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation is no doubted, one of the excellent insulation materials thus providing an everlasting security to the cable. The conductors are bound together with a green XLP insulated aluminum ground. A longitudinal white stripe mark on the neutral is the open identifier for the ground conductor.

  • Standards:

Ampacities based on National Electric Code, 2005n edition, section 310-15

UL 44 for types RHH & RHW-2

UL 854 for type USE-2

  1. Aluminum RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 900C XLPE Insulation 600 V


  • Conductors

One of the fundamental testament of a good cable lies in its type conductor. Your cable will definitely perform well when it is made up of good electrical conductor like aluminum. USE-2 is an aluminum cable. Its conductor is designed to comprise a compact of 8000 series of bare aluminum which are soft drowned. The Class B of this cable is stranded according to the ASTM provisions.

  • Insulation

Due to the harsh and adverse conditions where this cable is used, the USE-2 is not left to the advantage of the ill-conditions. It is highly insulated with cross-linked polyethylene insulation XLPE. This insulation ensures the cables is safe from abrasion, heat and moisture since it is adequately resistant to all these elements.

  • Standards:

a)     Requirements of the National Electrical Code

b)     ASTM standards B 800, B 801

c)      Sunlight resistant

d)     RUS Accepted

  • Application

Here is another type aluminum cable which equally important on matters concerning power distribution. USE-2 cables are essentially applied in power distribution systems, and in raceways. Its applications are in accordance with provisions in the National Electrical Code. According to this cable rating, it is not supposed to be used in cable tray.


  1. Aluminum SER Service Entrance Type R Cable


  • Operation

As mentioned above, SER Service Entrance cable is made to operate in conditions which are adverse. The maximum operation temperature for Aluminum SER Service Entrance Type R cable is 900 Celsius both in wet and dry locations. This implies that for the cable to be damaged, the temperature must really go abnormally high. Without the abnormal temperate, this cable serves you so well. Its operation voltage rating is 600 volts.

  • Conductors

The conductor used is a compact strand aluminum made up of soft drawn 8000 series aluminum conductors according to ASTM B-1 provisions.

  • Insulation

Following the line of application of this cable, it is therefore necessary that its insulation must be exceptionally good and reliable as far as cable security is concerned. The cable has type XHHW-2 cross linked polyethylene XLP insulation. Its conductors are bound together with a bare copper ground and then secured with a reinforced binder tape.

  • Jacket

Additional to the well elaborate insulation system, the cable has a jacket. A gray sunlight resistance PVC jacket is to reinforce adequate security for the conductors. It is not limited to sunlight resistance, it also protects the entire cable against other destructive elements.

  • Standards:

a)     Ampacities based on National Electric Code, 2005 edition, section 310-15

b)     90°C wet or dry locations

c)      For dwelling units, conductors shall be permitted at listed

  • Application

If you have multiple units which you desire a cable that can comfortably ensure all the units are fed with power without incurring extra cost, then SER Service entrance cable is the darling you need. Its fundamental purpose is be used as a panel feeder which means, it inducts power into multiple dwelling units and branching of circuits. Branching circuits can be so laborious and tiresome if you use wrong cables, therefore use this wire to simplify your entire work.


  1. Aluminum SEU


The cable operates in wet and dry places with a maximum of up to 90 degrees Celsius. It is meant for 600 voltage loads hence it is advisable not to use it in systems with high voltage demand.

  • Conductors

Aluminum SEU cable is made up of aluminum conductors which are designed into a compact. The compact comprises of strands of 8000 series of softly drowned aluminum conductors as per ASTM B-801.

  • Insulation and Jacket

A robust type XHHW-2 cross linked polyethylene XLP material forms the insulation feature of Aluminum SEU cable. A binder tape helps to secure the conductors which are bound up together with a bare ground copper conductor. Copper is a very good conductor, therefore it is used to act as a ground for the whole configuration.

Gray sun light resistant polyvinyl chloride jacket is an enhanced security feature for the entire cable

  • Standards

National Electric Code, 2005 edition, section 310-15

UL 44, 854

Federal Specification J-C - 30B

  • Application

Aluminum SEU cable is technically applied to act as a panel feeder so that it supplies power to various multiple units in a house. Besides, it is also used in branching circuits into other channels or paths. Circuit branching is a very laborious process which requires that you only use the cable designed to it, failure to which you end up with a less robust circuit which can fail at any time. To guarantee that your circuit shall be resilient and efficient, use the Aluminum SEU cable.


  1. Aluminum XHHW-2 Cable 600 V


Nassau national cable provides with a variety of cables whose diverse features and design help you achieve your desired goals and objectives. Here is another cable with good basic features to help you in your electrical applications.

  • Operation

The cable is fit for use in both wet and dry locations whose temperature doesn't exceed 90 degrees Celsius. The voltage rating for the cable is 600 V.

  • Conductors

The conductor for XHHW-2 is a compact conductor comprising of soft drowned bare 8000 series of aluminum conductors. Class B of the conductors is stranded as per ASTM.

  • Insulation

Cross-linked polyethylene insulation XLPE serves as the insulation system for the XHHW-2 Cable. This insulation has resistance to abrasion, heat and moistures. It generally provides the conductors with a lifelong security against destructive agents.

  • Standards:

a)     UL standard 44

b)     Requirements of the National Electrical Code

c)      ASTM standards B 800, B 801

d)     Federal Specification J–C-30B

e)     Sunlight resistant

  • Application

You can rely on this cable for power distribution systems not exceeding 600v.


Aluminum cables have a wide range of application in the field of electricity, industry and technology as a whole. This cable is virtually applied in all sectors of the wider field. The versatility, reliability, efficiency and availability of aluminum conductors make it comfortable and easily reachable for use in various applications. Aluminum has also been used together with other conductors like copper to achieve high resilience and efficacy in the various electronics. It is with this due prominence and excellence that we deem it necessary that you ought to consider using an aluminum cable.

Where do I buy high quality Aluminum Cables?

The question, "where to get Aluminum cables?" cannot and should not be undermined. As much as aluminum cable is so vital to our current world, there are also some dangers that you need to avoid. The problem of buying counterfeit or low quality cable can be avoided by taking necessary precautions. Many a cable shops are on line to peddle on low quality products hence leave you unsatisfied. Make a bold step by recognizing authentic cable dealers like Nassau National Cable. This is one among few shops whose objective is to guarantee you as a client security of your money by giving you quality products and services. Read Less