Aluminum URD Direct Burial Single, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex

Aluminum URD Direct Burial Single, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex

The Aluminum URD cables are special cables designed for use in applications where secondary power distribution circuits are needed. Read More

These cables provide a constant and stable electrical supply to the utilities such as business premises, residential places and industries. Since it has vast range of applications, some of them are designed for one conductor-single, others two- duplex, three- triplex and some have four conductors known as quadruplex. Knowing in detail each of these cables will help you to find the one that suits your need. And that is why we have this post.

Why Aluminum is used in this Cable

• Good electrical conductivity. Although the conductor is not as good as silver and copper, by increasing the conductor diameters and reducing its resistance, its high electrical conductivity is achievable.
• Low cost- it is cheaper compared to copper and silver which are better conductors but more expensive compared to aluminum
• Adequate strength and durability. The conductor has adequate strength needed for outdoor applications. An aluminum conductor cable doesn’t incur frequent repair and maintenances thus saves you money.
• Outstanding corrosive resistance. Compared to copper conductor, aluminum is better resistant to corrosive substances like rusts. This curbs frequent replacements that are needed by other cables due to rusting. Aluminum has a naturally occurring oxide film on its surface that prevents rusts.
• Aluminum works best in its purest form and any alloying tend to increase its electrical resistance causing huge power loss.
• Provides electrical stability. During cold seasons, the conductor increases in strength thus maintains a constant supply of power even in adverse climatic conditions.
• It is flexible and easy to work with. It can be easily bent and twisted during installation in stringent areas and maneuvers swiftly around applications. Its high flexibility property enables to endure any kind of stress without breaking.

Key Features
• Has an average temperature rating of 900C in both wet and dry locations.
• It is a direct burial cable
• Accepted by RUS
• Resistant to oil, heat, ozone and other chemicals
• Resistant to tear and abrasion

Types of Aluminum URD Direct Burial Cable
In this post, we look at four types of Aluminum URD cable in details. They have varied design features which may differ from one type to another but these variance is to make the cables more suitable for particular areas of applications. Different tasks call for different unique properties.

Aluminum cables are designed to stand harsh conditions in applications and also has good electrical conductivity. This makes it a suitable cable electrical power distribution in direct burial installations. Among the many benefits of the cable is its flexibility and ease to maneuver curves in ducts without breaking and its outstanding durability. These aluminum cables have been found to help in saving costs since they cut out maintenance and repair costs on the user and at the same time deliver high performance in secondary power distribution

We have seen the properties of single, duplex, triplex and quadruplex conductor cables. Each and every cable is suitable for their applications. It is good if you make the right choice to helpfully meet your objective in wiring. Various international standardization agencies have approved the design, production and use of these Aluminum URD Direct burial cables. These approvals boast the confidence of customers on the products and also discourage the merchandise of low and substandard products.

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Aluminum URD Direct Burial Single, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex
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