Specialty Building Wire

Specialty Building Wire

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Being also used in branch circuiting in homes and businesses, these cables help to convey power to all external utilities in a building. But some building cables have special line of applications in this wide field of technology.

Specialty Building Wire is a range of products which are tailored to meet various technological needs in the electrical field. Building wires which are specialized in their lines of applications need to be versatile and have limited flaws. The need for uniqueness and cable specialty, cables which bring solutions in numerous special applications like oil rigs, trains, cars, public venues, factory floors and many more, led to design of this cable solutions. All types of specialty wires and cable products are designed, tested and proven to be highly versatile especially, those that we will talk about in this post.

Quality of Building Wire

The hostile environment at application demands the specialty cable be of top notch quality. The features of the Specialty Building wire include a watertight, flame retardant and breakage resistant insulation system.  Copperwhich is an excellent electrical conductor is used.

Why is copper used as the conductor material for Specialty Building Wire?

• Copper is strong. It resists stretching, neck down, nicks, creeps and breaking. This makes it the choicest conductor for the wiring systems in all building applications
• Copper is easier to install. This conductor is ductile. Its hardness, strength plus flexibility make the copper conductor cables easier to work with. Can be bent and twisted easily without breaking. When doing installation, the cable can be stripped and terminated without nicks and breakings.
• It is economical and reliable.

Consider Durability and Maintenance Cost

To highly benefit from your electric system, be it industrial or domestic, cost is a chief factor of consideration. Versatile Specialty building wire guarantees you durability and perpetual service delivery. This cuts down your budget by eliminatingfrequent maintenance and replacement of wiring system. The more stable and durable a wire the more longevity for applications.

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Specialty Building Wire
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