Type W

Type W Cable

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It is made of conductors which are stranded, hardened and insulated with superior insulation materials. Type W cable has inherent resistance to various elements which can cause alarm to your applications such as oil pilferage, water, any liquid chemicals and sunlight. It is due to its supreme technical design that it is considered a good cable for heavy duty applications. This cable which is highly flexible and durable serves you right even in the extremely demanding conditions. Coupled with its voltage capacity of 2000 volts, you can make whatever power circuit for your system which is rated at 2000 voltage power using this cable.

Portability of the Cable

Some of the main distinguishing features of this cable are its portability, lightness and flexibility. These features coupled together make a cable that is appropriate for a portable system, a cable that can easily adapt different tasks in a firm. That is the reason why the cable is chiefly for use in applications such as electric mining locomotives and in the mobile gears for gathering reel.

Approvals and certifications

While the cable enjoys the many credits about its profound durability and entire reliability, it also has a stamp of approval from authorities. A marking mold stamped on the cable casing is integral proof, beefed up with a writing P-105-MSHA. This demonstrates that Type W cables are designed in full agreement with the Federal and State of Pennsylvania codes of safety.

In this post, I give you a detailed over view of two types of Type W cable. This will help you have true and clear image of what these types of cables are made of.

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Type W
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