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This is one of the most used cables for high voltage portable power applications. It has high versatility that makes it appropriate for use in delivering heavy power loads in applications such as underground mine distribution of power, in the machineries like drudges and shovels. A cable like Type MP, SHD-GS XL is given a masterful design that makes it fit for the applications. Its features like insulation is made with powerful materials to guarantee conductor security. Besides that, many more technical processes have been done to make this cable one of a kind.

Key Features

Some of the general features of Type MP-GC Cable are:

  • It is coated with a tape made from copper. This tape provides a vital path for grounding electricity, it then helps to curb any chances of phase to phase faults thus protects the circuits from shock hazards.
  • An excellent insulation made from EPR. This insulation is the grand protector of the cable conductors from moisture, excess heat, chemicals, ozone, radiation and also flame-retardant.
  • High flexibility which promotes ease in handling
  • High dielectric strength
  • The cable is electrically stable, hence reliable even under stress from extreme environmental conditions
  • It has low dielectric loss and doesn’t lead to high power loss during transmission and distribution.
  •  Has a tough and reliable jacket which is very resistant to tearing and abrasion. The jacket also provides resistance to oil from entering the cable
  • Type MP-GC Cable has other sub categories of products as discussed below:

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