All automotive wires, like GXL, GPT, SXL, TWP, TXL and SGX wire, are mostly used for any sort of automotive wiring requests including general circuit wiring to battery ground circuits. Read More

Also Battery Cables are part of automotive, SGT, SGX and STX, are authorized for use as automotive wiring for starter or battery ground circuits, in accordance with SAE J-1127. GPT Automotive Wiring, Brake Cable and SGX Battery Cable are just a sampling of the automotive wiring and cable.

   Lead wires are manufactured to follow strict industry specifications. These wires have an assemblage that can be affixed to any sort of heater equipped, or device which must have small port terminals. Lead wires are known to be great for high temperature environments. Many other applications include vacuum and pressure situations for clean room and food equipment. They’re part of high temperature that do endure continuous functioning temperatures of 1500˚F. Has features of 304 stainless steel sheathing to protect it from the harshest of environments.


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