Battery Cable

Battery Cable

Battery Wire is a cable extensively used in the automotive and electronics field. Read More

It is a wide breed of cables used in various parts of the electrical industries. Their design features are exceptional, fitting for the type of task they are designed for. This cable helps in transmitting power supplied from a battery through a terminal to a utility. In these lines of duty, there are many destructive elements. This cable is therefore made ultra-strong with adequate security features to curb any destructive element.
Battery cables come in a variety of sizes with are measured in American Wire Gauge. Every cable size is designed in accordance with the nature of the task it is meant for. Too small cables when used will cause excess heating that could pose a hazard. Your choice on the cable size should be informed of these two key factors: amount of amperage needed and length of cable to be used.

Key features:

• The cables are color-coded to eliminate chances of error
• They have versatile insulation system that keep corrosion at bay
• These cables are available in vast gauge sizes from 2/0 to 22 AWG
• The cables are made of copper conductor
• Wide temperature range rating.

Types of Battery Wire:

To meet the vast market and demand, various versions of battery cables are designed and manufactured. Here in this post we see some five types of battery cables in detail.

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Battery Cable
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