Hook up Wire

Hook Up Wire

Hook up wire is a special kind of single insulated wire which belongs of a broader category of lead conductors. Read More

These unique wire designs are intricately developed for use with low voltage and low current devices. Typically, home appliances. Hook up conductors are extensively used with systems control panels, light motors, power or water meters, kitchen appliances like microwave ovens, electronics wiring and computer internal wirings.

There are quite a number of hook up wires in the market today. Each variation of this product is suited for a specific need. With that in mind, you have to be sure of what exactly you want for you project so that you purchase only what will give you uttermost performance.  Fortunately, many online stores have qualified personnel to help you pick the best buy.

Types of Hook up Wires

Ideally, the type depends on the needs of the market. If a special need arises we’ll have a special type of Hook Up Wire for it. Currently, there ten types whose appropriate applications I’ll elaborate shortly. These are:

• Hook Up Tinned Copper FEP TYPE K MIL-W-16878/11 High Temperature Wire
• Hook Up Lead Wire AWM UL 3340-3374
• Hook Up Wire UL 3173 Cross Link (XLPE)
• Hook Up Wire UL 1283/1284 BC
• Hook Up Wire UL 1232/1283/1284 TC
• Hook Up Wire UL 1061
• Hook Up Lead Wire UL 1007/1569 MIL-W-16878
• Hook Up Lead Wire E-BEAM
• Hook Up Lead Wire AWM 3499
• Hook-Up Lead EPDM UL 3340/3374 Tinned Copper Wire

Key features

• The wires are color-coded for easy identification in a circuit or during installation
• Complies with international stands organizations specifications; CSA, UL and Mil-Spec
• Low fray concept to ensure easy handling, termination, and stripping
• Custom plating available
• Each design has a wide range of viable insulation

Insulations for Hook Up wires

• Polyvinyl Chloride
• Ethylene-propylene diene elastomer
• Neoprene
• Silicone Rubber
• Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

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Hook up Wire
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