Thermostat Wire

Thermostat simply refers to a component which is used to sense the temperature of a particular system and helps in maintaining it at a required temperature. Read More

On the other hand, a Thermostat Wire is a cable that belongs to Lead Wire, Automotive Wire, Electronic and Fire Alarm category. It is designed to help with the wiring of any heating or cooling device or systems.


Thermostat Wire cables are generally made of solid copper conductor. Copper has good electrical conductive properties which improves the performance of these cables. It has high tensile strength, and good thermal conductivity.

Insulation and Jacketing

a) Thermoplastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is commonly used
b) Polyprophelene (PPE)
c) Foam Polyethylene (FPE)

These insulation and jacketing materials are responsible for chemical and mechanical protection to Thermostat Wire cables.

Thermostat Wire cables include the following:

a) Thermostat Wire Multi Conductor Solid 150V Cable
b) Low Voltage Type RG Single Conductor CMR Braid Shield FPE
c) Low Voltage Type RG Single Conductor CMP Braid Shield FPE
d) Times Microwave LMR Flexible Low Loss Communications Coax Cable
e) Low Voltage Multi Conductor Stranded Tinned Copper PVC Jacket
f) Type SPT Portable Lamp Cord 600C 300V Black Cable
g) Gas Tube Only 15KV GTO Tube Sign & Ignition Cable


a) ASTM B174
b) ASTM B3 and B33
c) Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 13, Type CL2
d) RoHS Compliant
e) CSA Certified
f) National Engineers Code (NEC) Article 725


a) Building heating
b) Air conditioners
c) Central heating
d) Water heaters
e) Refrigerators
f) Medical incubators
g) HVAC systems
h) Ovens

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