All about Type P Oil and Gas XLPO Polyrad Cable

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries are one of the most important industries in the world. They produce not just the energy we use in fueling our society, but also products for other modern-day necessities such as plastics and pharmaceuticals. Resources obtained through onshore and offshore drilling activities are both risky and difficult to extract. This is why it is recommended to go for cable solutions that will serve your needs with a lot of ease, like the Type P cable which is hardy and Read More

durable. Type P cable is readily available to take the challenges experienced in offshore and onshore drilling environmental conditions.

Nassau National Cable offers you legitimate Type P Polyrad cables that have been approved worthy to serve their intended purposes. Onshore and offshore drilling rigs are so demanding that you should consider installing cables that meet the threshold of International Underwriters Laboratory standards to withstand perpetual vibrations, mechanical stress, salt corrosion, oil spills and mud. We also offer other electrical cables apart from oil and gas cables. On this post I’ll share with you about Type P polyrad cables that we offer. They include the following:

1. Single Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable

As the name suggests, a single conductor power cable has one electrode involved in electrical power transmission to your equipment. Oil and Gas drilling activities involved different kinds of electrical appliances that work together to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.


Single Conductor Polyrad cable comes in three major types that include:

2. 600V XLPO Unarmored Type X110 cable

This cable is made of bare stranded annealed and tinned soft copper conductors in accordance to ASTM B33 standards. Copper conductors are insulated with a cross linked polyolefin (XLPO) and jacketed by a thermosetting and heavy duty Neoprene, forming a circular core for phase identification. It I tested and termed as a top quality power cable with regards to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specifications that include:

  • UL 1309
  • IEEE 45 1998
  • ASTM B 33

Why go for this Cable?

It is made of soft copper conductors which are flexible hence the entire cable. Flexibility is a thing to consider especially during installations, where there is need to bend, fold and pull the cable along. You will use less effort to handle a flexible cable as compared to rigid cables, thus no time consuming during termination. XLPO Unarmored power cable is an ideal cable of choice because it will give you easy time to bend and fit in the corners of your wiring system.

Tinning of the copper conductors is an additional protective feature that ensures that this cable is free from corrosion. The cross linked polyolefin insulation and Neoprene jacketing offers a great protection against the harsh environmental conditions experienced in offshore and onshore drilling environment. Insulation of electrical cables also ensures that you don’t get electrocuted. You will agree with me that a cable with such defensive features is worth going for because it will serve your power line for a longer period.


This cable is primarily designed to serve in marine onshore and offshore oil-gas drilling, but where specifically? It is installed in lighting systems, heating circuits as well as power circuit with an operational voltage not exceeding 2kV.

3. 2000V Unarmored XLPO Power Cable

The 2000V Unarmored XLPO Power Cable has a similar construction to 600V XLPO Unarmored cable and are intended to serve similar purposes however, the only difference is that it has a wider power rating of up to 2000 volts whereas that other one is rated at 600 volt. This means that this cable can transmit high power voltage, thus a preferred cable of choice when it comes to high power voltage transmission.

4. 2000V Armored Power Cable

This type of single conductor power cable features triple defensive layers; it is insulated, jacketed and armored to provide protection to the soft tinned and stranded copper conductors. The basket weave wire armoring ensures that this cable offers you an outstanding electrical serving performance. It confirms to all the necessary international Laboratory standards.

5. Two Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable

A two conductor power cable is also referred to as a two phase cable. This means that it features two electrodes to distribute electrical power within your wiring systems. It comes in three types which are tested and approved as quality products ready to serve their intended purposes, they include:

6. Unarmored Type X110 Power Cable

It is made of soft copper conductors which are insulated individually by the cross linked polyolefin to form a two-phased conductor. The two conductors are sheathed to hold them firmly in their position and jacketed with XLPO. This cable is made of lightweight insulation and jacketing materials that will relieve you from applying too much effort to lift the cable. XLPO is a flame retardant compound that releases less corrosive and toxic gases in case of fire outbreak, because it is a non-chlorinated material. I would recommend that you consider this cable and enjoy a longer power service life in your system.



Designed to perform in extreme environmental conditions experienced in offshore drills.

7. Armored 600V/1000kV Type P Marine Power Cable

It is made of stranded soft annealed, bare and flexible copper conductors that are tinned and conforms to the IEEE 1580 Table 11 standards. The two copper conductors are separately insulated with an XLPO preventing any kind of contact between them, armored by the basket weaved wire and sheathed with a thermosetting compound meeting the specifications for Type P of IEEE 1580 as well as Type X110 of UL 1309, CSA C22.2. XLPO is also the compound used in jacketing the assembly of this cable on the outer surface.

Why go for this cable?

Soft annealed copper conductors make this cable extremely flexible yet still has its electrical properties intact. Such a cable is easy to install since you don’t need to incur unnecessary labor cost, making it a cost effective power cable.

The basket weave wire used in armoring this cable meets the requirements of UL 1309, and it interlocks the copper conductors together apart from providing protection against chemical and mechanical damages.

XLPO insulation of the conductors creates a convenient boundary between the two copper conductors, ensuring that they don’t get into contact thus improving the electrical conductivity of this cable. XLPO is non-chlorinated affirming its flame retardant property, contributing to the superb protection offered by its jacketing layer against harsh environmental conditions such as strong sunlight radiation, corrosive chemicals, abrasion and flames.


It suits the demanding environments found along the marine especially in offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

This cable has a ‘twin’ referred to as Type P Drilling Rig Marine 600V/1000Kv cable that shares the same construction materials and used for the same purpose.

8. Three Conductor Polyrad Power Cable

These are cables that features three live conductors and are also known as a three-phase cable used three phase power distribution systems. Such cables ensures that you enjoy a constant power delivery s compared to the single-phased cables that are pulsating and objectionable in most applications. Three-phase system is cost effective over the single-phase because they require less conductor materials thus an ideal cable of choice. They are made of soft copper conductors which are compacted and insulated individually to form the three live conductors.


Three Conductor Polyrad Power Cable comes in three different cables whereby two of them are encased with an interlocking armor, whereas the other one is not armored. However, they are all made of three soft tinned and annealed copper conductors that are individually insulated with a cross linked polyolefin (XLPO). This insulation covers the life of the user as well as improving the cable’s life. Insulation protects the user from getting electrocuted and protects the cable from chemical and mechanical damages experienced in the harsh marine drilling environment. An example of such a cable is the Unarmored Type P 600V/1000kV Cable.

9. Armored and Sheathed Type P Cable

As the name would infer it comes with an interlocking basket weave wire armor, coating the cable assembly offering an adaptive protective feature. The armoring is in line with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specification standards of UL 1309/ CSA C22.2 and termed as a quality cable. It is the only type three conductor power cable that is sheathed with a black arctic thermosetting compound wrapping the armored layer to form a circular core. This cable is armored and sheathed unlike Type P Drilling Rig Marine Cable that is only armored, thus an ideal power cable to go by.


10. Four Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable

This type of cable has no big difference with the ones discussed above, only that it comes with four stranded annealed tinned soft copper conductors. They have XLPO insulation keeping the conductors away from getting into any contact with each other; that may lead to power surges faulting your entire wiring system. Thus improving the electrical conductivity of this cable. It comes in three forms in which Type P 600V/ 1000kv Power Cable has no armor and sheathing layers, but still offers an outstanding performance and also easy to install because of its flexibility.


Four Conductor Type P Drilling Cable is armored with the basket weaving wire affirming its ability to serve in very demanding environmental conditions. However the Armored & Sheathed Type P Power Cable is the most versatile because it has a complex defensive layers that improves its adaptive features making it a cable of choice to install in oil and gas marine drills.

11. Five Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable


These are power distribution cables that features five flexible and tinned copper conductors that meets all the necessary International Standards and are readily available to serve your offshore and onshore marine power systems. They include:

Multi-Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable


These are power cables featuring more than five copper conductors. They are constructed with annealed copper wires that are insulated with XLPO. They include:


Generally, you will agree with me that all the power cables discussed above are made of flexible copper conductors that have XLPO insulation and jacketing material for defense. Some are sheathed with a thermosetting layer whereas some are armored with the basket weave wire and sheathed at the same time. These cables are top quality products to suit your marine wiring systems and are readily available at Nassau National cable. Feel free contact us for more information. Read Less

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