Three Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable

Three Conductor Polyrad Power Cable

These are cables that features three live conductors and are also known as a three-phase cable used three phase power distribution systems. Read More

Such cables ensures that you enjoy a constant power delivery s compared to the single-phased cables that are pulsating and objectionable in most applications. Three-phase system is cost effective over the single-phase because they require less conductor materials thus an ideal cable of choice. They are made of soft copper conductors which are compacted and insulated individually to form the three live conductors.

Three Conductor Polyrad Power Cable comes in three different cables whereby two of them are encased with an interlocking armor, whereas the other one is not armored. However, they are all made of three soft tinned and annealed copper conductors that are individually insulated with a cross linked polyolefin (XLPO). This insulation covers the life of the user as well as improving the cable’s life. Insulation protects the user from getting electrocuted and protects the cable from chemical and mechanical damages experienced in the harsh marine drilling environment. An example of such a cable is the Unarmored Type P 600V/1000kV Cable.

1. Armored and Sheathed Type P Cable

As the name would infer it comes with an interlocking basket weave wire armor, coating the cable assembly offering an adaptive protective feature. The armoring is in line with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specification standards of UL 1309/ CSA C22.2 and termed as a quality cable. It is the only type three conductor power cable that is sheathed with a black arctic thermosetting compound wrapping the armored layer to form a circular core. This cable is armored and sheathed unlike Type P Drilling Rig Marine Cable that is only armored, thus an ideal power cable to go by.

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Three Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable
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