Four Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable

Four Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable

This type of cable has no big difference with the ones discussed above, only that it comes with four stranded annealed tinned soft copper conductors. Read More

They have XLPO insulation keeping the conductors away from getting into any contact with each other; that may lead to power surges faulting your entire wiring system. Thus improving the electrical conductivity of this cable. It comes in three forms in which Type P 600V/ 1000kv Power Cable has no armor and sheathing layers, but still offers an outstanding performance and also easy to install because of its flexibility.

Four Conductor Type P Drilling Cable is armored with the basket weaving wire affirming its ability to serve in very demanding environmental conditions. However the Armored & Sheathed Type P Power Cable is the most versatile because it has a complex defensive layers that improves its adaptive features making it a cable of choice to install in oil and gas marine drills.

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Four Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable
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