Single Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable

Single Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable

As the name suggests, a single conductor power cable has one electrode involved in electrical power transmission to your equipment. Read More

Oil and Gas drilling activities involved different kinds of electrical appliances that work together to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

Single Conductor Polyrad cable comes in three major types that include:

1. 600V XLPO Unarmored Type X110 cable

This cable is made of bare stranded annealed and tinned soft copper conductors in accordance to ASTM B33 standards. Copper conductors are insulated with a cross linked polyolefin (XLPO) and jacketed by a thermosetting and heavy duty Neoprene, forming a circular core for phase identification. It I tested and termed as a top quality power cable with regards to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specifications that include:

  • UL 1309
  • IEEE 45 1998
  • ASTM B 33
  • Why go for this Cable?

    It is made of soft copper conductors which are flexible hence the entire cable. Flexibility is a thing to consider especially during installations, where there is need to bend, fold and pull the cable along. You will use less effort to handle a flexible cable as compared to rigid cables, thus no time consuming during termination. XLPO Unarmored power cable is an ideal cable of choice because it will give you easy time to bend and fit in the corners of your wiring system.

    Tinning of the copper conductors is an additional protective feature that ensures that this cable is free from corrosion. The cross linked polyolefin insulation and Neoprene jacketing offers a great protection against the harsh environmental conditions experienced in offshore and onshore drilling environment. Insulation of electrical cables also ensures that you don’t get electrocuted. You will agree with me that a cable with such defensive features is worth going for because it will serve your power line for a longer period.


    This cable is primarily designed to serve in marine onshore and offshore oil-gas drilling, but where specifically? It is installed in lighting systems, heating circuits as well as power circuit with an operational voltage not exceeding 2kV.

    2. 2000V Unarmored XLPO Power Cable

    The 2000V Unarmored XLPO Power Cable has a similar construction to 600V XLPO Unarmored cable and are intended to serve similar purposes however, the only difference is that it has a wider power rating of up to 2000 volts whereas that other one is rated at 600 volt. This means that this cable can transmit high power voltage, thus a preferred cable of choice when it comes to high power voltage transmission.

    3. 2000V Armored Power Cable

    This type of single conductor power cable features triple defensive layers; it is insulated, jacketed and armored to provide protection to the soft tinned and stranded copper conductors. The basket weave wire armoring ensures that this cable offers you an outstanding electrical serving performance. It confirms to all the necessary international Laboratory standards.

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Single Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable
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