Two Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable

Two Conductor Polyrad Oil & Gas Power Cable

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This means that it features two electrodes to distribute electrical power within your wiring systems. It comes in three types which are tested and approved as quality products ready to serve their intended purposes, they include:

1. Unarmored Type X110 Power Cable

It is made of soft copper conductors which are insulated individually by the cross linked polyolefin to form a two-phased conductor. The two conductors are sheathed to hold them firmly in their position and jacketed with XLPO. This cable is made of lightweight insulation and jacketing materials that will relieve you from applying too much effort to lift the cable. XLPO is a flame retardant compound that releases less corrosive and toxic gases in case of fire outbreak, because it is a non-chlorinated material. I would recommend that you consider this cable and enjoy a longer power service life in your system.


Designed to perform in extreme environmental conditions experienced in offshore drills.

2. Armored 600V/1000kV Type P Marine Power Cable

It is made of stranded soft annealed, bare and flexible copper conductors that are tinned and conforms to the IEEE 1580 Table 11 standards. The two copper conductors are separately insulated with an XLPO preventing any kind of contact between them, armored by the basket weaved wire and sheathed with a thermosetting compound meeting the specifications for Type P of IEEE 1580 as well as Type X110 of UL 1309, CSA C22.2. XLPO is also the compound used in jacketing the assembly of this cable on the outer surface.

Why go for this cable?

Soft annealed copper conductors make this cable extremely flexible yet still has its electrical properties intact. Such a cable is easy to install since you don’t need to incur unnecessary labor cost, making it a cost effective power cable.

The basket weave wire used in armoring this cable meets the requirements of UL 1309, and it interlocks the copper conductors together apart from providing protection against chemical and mechanical damages.

XLPO insulation of the conductors creates a convenient boundary between the two copper conductors, ensuring that they don’t get into contact thus improving the electrical conductivity of this cable. XLPO is non-chlorinated affirming its flame retardant property, contributing to the superb protection offered by its jacketing layer against harsh environmental conditions such as strong sunlight radiation, corrosive chemicals, abrasion and flames.


It suits the demanding environments found along the marine especially in offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

This cable has a ‘twin’ referred to as Type P Drilling Rig Marine 600V/1000Kv cable that shares the same construction materials and used for the same purpose.

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Two Conductor Polyrad Oil Gas Power Cable
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