1000/2000V Multi-Conductor Control Cables, Non-U.L. Listed

1000/2000V Multi-Conductor Control Cables, Non-UL Listed

This is also another category of power and control cables which deal with a little elevated voltage power of 1000V or 2000V. Read More

The cables are constructed to accommodate many conductors, which is cheaper economically and also easier for electrical installations. In the power plants and various control units have complex electrical structure which demand for multi-conductor cables to serve.
These cables are designed with various unique features to help in adaptation to the applications and operations.

• Conductor

The copper conductor is used in the cable constructions. These conductors are alloyed using either tin or nickel in order to improve cable strength, reduce rate of corrosion and elevated conductivity. The condition of the applications demand for these improvements make the cables capable to serve.

• Insulation

Premium grade PVC insulation serves the cables right. The nature of applications demand for better security features and PVC material provides it. The material is water tight, flame and heat resistant. It is also flexible and less bulky hence easy to carry during installations and transportations.

• Applications

The cables have a wide range of applications. Like Okonite-FMR Control cable serves well in either power generation plants or substations. The cables are designed well to meet the critical needs in the circuits, like reliability and continuity of service.
These multi-conductor power and control cables are designed with premium quality that they can serve in both wet and dry places. Use it in ac and dc service at a temperature of 900C. The cables are fit for conduit, ducts, cable troughs, direct burial, and trays installations. Some of them can also be used in messenger supported installations.


• Okonite-FMR Okolon TS-CPE- 1000V
• Okonite-FMR-N Okolon TS-CPE-1000V
• Okonite-FMR Okolon TS-CPE-2000V
• Okonite-FMR-LC Okolon TS-CPE -1000V

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