600V Multi-Conductor Control Cables, U.L. Listed

600V Multi-Conductor Control Cables, U. Read More

L. Listed

These category of cables comprises very useful cables like the Okotherm CIC cable which enables for system shut down in case of fire outbreaks in order to preserve any power system from fire. These cables play an integral role in power transmission and control systems, they are therefore designed with top notch skills to ensure quality. Such cables must inspire confidence in the users, these multi-conductors power and control cables are approved to meet standards.
The cables have various physical and electrical features which we discuss in this post.

• Conductor

They are majorly constructed using copper conductor. The conductors are stranded in some cases but armored to improve their strength. Stranded conductors are considered weak but they are however very good in flexibility and electrical conductivity. Type MC-HL cables are constructed with aluminum corrugated sheath making them recommendable for wire conduit system.

• Insulation

Since most of the cables are used in hazardous locations, their insulation features are an embodiment of strength and security. PVC material which color coded serves as the insulation.

• Application

These cables are authorized for use on services, feeders and circuit branching for power transmissions, lightning, control and signaling circuits according to NC articles 330 and 725. A cable like Okotherm CIC is key in maintaining cable integrity by resisting flames. It turns into an electrical insulation ceramic-like ash which maintains the operating voltage. It has a temperature rating of up to 20000F.


• C-L-X Type MC-HL (XHHW-2)
• Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant Type TC-ER Cable- Nickel Copper
• Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant- Tinned Copper
• Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant- Nickel Copper
• Okonite FMR-P Okoseal Armored Shipboard Cable

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