600V Multi-Conductor Power and Control Cables, U.L. Listed

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L. Listed

Here is a category of power cables. Power is such an important element of life today. With the era of technology, we cannot escape the effects of power. Power however, can be dangerous if not handled with care especially if not properly wired. The cables you use can secure your power line and control system or expose it to more dangerous consequences. A power cable must meet the set standards and regulations.
600V Multi-Conductor Power and Control cables are used widely in various systems both industrial, commercial and domestic. The cables are constructed and designed with unique features to adapt it for the applications.

• Conductor

The conductors are majorly made of Aluminum and copper conductors. In instances where wires are to be used in conduit system, corrugated aluminum conductors are recommended for economical purposes. The copper used is professionally tinned so that it serves in the outdoor applications without corroding.

• Insulation

The power cables are heavily secured with tough and durable insulation systems. It is water tight, durable and flame retardant. Most of the cables are armored to give them more strength.

• Applications

These cables are used for conduit, direct burial or aerial power line installation. This explains why their insulation features are enabled and improved. They are also authorized for use on services, feeder and branch circuits used in power transmission, lightning, control and signaling circuits. These are in tandem with Article 330 and 725 of the NEC.
When doing indoor or outdoor installation in both wet and dry locations, the cables are used to provide support for spaced installations, in cable tray or as aerial cable on a messenger.

Types of 600V Multi-Conductor Power and Control cable

• C-L-X Type MC (XHHW-2)
• C-L-X Type MC-HL (XHHW-2)
• C-L-X Okozel Type MC (Z)
• Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant Type MC C-L-X
• Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant Type MC-HL C-L-X
• Okonite FMR-P Okoseal Armored Shipboard Cable


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