600V Multi-Conductor Power and Control Cables, Non-U.L. Listed

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L. Listed

This category of power and control cables comprises the Okonite FMR type of cables. These cables are used in various power generation processes in plants and substations. They are critically designed to meet the challenges and tough environment at the power generation plants. The harsh temperature is one of the challenges that the designers of this cable catered for when coming up with its structure. Here are some of the features…

• Conductor

The Okonite FMR-N cables are constructed using copper conductors. Copper is undoubtedly one of the best electrical conductors. And many other features of copper including strength, flexibility and adaptability make it more appropriate for constructing this cable. The cable is used to power and supply current to 600V loads of utility.

• Insulation

These cables are used in some of the harshest environments. Sometimes, buried into the ground, directly the cable has to get sure security. The premium grade PVC insulation serves the cable with sturdy insulation.

• Application

These Okonite FMR-N Power and Control cables are used predominantly in the power generating plants and substations. These cables are designed to fit applications where consistent and continual service life is highly needed. They are well designed for use in wet or dry places, also used for ac and dc power supply at conductor temperature of up to 900C. For installations, the cable can be used in ducts, cable troughs, trays, messenger supported or even directly buried into the earth.

Types of 600V Non UL Listed Power Cables

• Okonite FMR-N Okolon TS-CPE
• Okonite FMR Okolon TS-CPE
• Okonite FMR-LCS Okolon TS- CPE
• Okozel Control Cable
• P-30 600V Control Cable

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