Type STO and SJTO Cables

Type STO and SJTO Cables

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Types STO and SJTO may recue your stuck plan to install portable machines or systems. Cables with unique temperature adaptability and inexhaustible insulation system, you need these cables for your indoor and outdoor applications.

These are categories of portable power cables suitable for most industrial, lighting and even mining activities.Due to the extreme climatic condition at the settings of these applications, the cables have special design, to guarantee feats in operation. Not only beneficial for its portability, the cables are designed with ultra-high strength to provide heavy-duty services.

The names STO and SJTO are unique and stand for; Service Thermoplastic Oil-resistant jacket and Service Junior Thermoplastic Oil-resistant jacket respectively. Their unique design is geared towards making it the best for its applications. And a vast number of applications, both indoor and outdoor are recommended for this cable.

Here in this post, we look deeply into each type of the cable. Some of the cables sold at cable shops are not quality. Here are some of the hallmarks of quality which will act as your tour guide into the world of electrical cables.

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Type STO & SJTO Cable
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