Aluminum cables are wire products with the core conductors made of aluminum conductor.

There is quite a wide range of these cables available for sale online. Generally, aluminum cables are ideal for applications requiring secondary distribution of power from the mains to the end user. If you are looking to buy aluminum cables online, the first step would be to skim through the options available and their areas of applications. The most common aluminum cable for sale are direct burial cable and aluminum building wire. Nassau National Cable offers all types of aluminum cable for sale online. To learn more about our aluminum building wire, kindly skim through our resources and you can be sure to find a type appropriate for the needs of your wiring project.Read More

Why Buy Aluminum Cables?

There are many conductor materials used for making cables, all available for online shoppers so what gives aluminum an edge over other conductors? Well aluminum conductors are very consistent. With these you won’t experience fluctuation in power caused by the conductor’s resistance to flow of current. So these cables are appropriate for stable electrical supply to the utilities such as business premises, residential places and industries. Since it has vast range of applications, some of them are designed for one conductor-single, others two- duplex, three- triplex and some have four conductors known as quadruplex.

Cable Design

The cable design is an aspect you have to be keen on whenever you buy aluminum cable online. Conventionally, these cables have up to four conductors, an insulation, a jacket and if need be a shield. The conductor transmits current, the insulation is a safety feature protecting the cable handler from electrocution, the jacketing is another safety feature which protects and keeps the components of the cable together while the shield gives the cable a high structural rigidity and more protection. This design is modified so that you can buy aluminum cables as a direct burial cable for sale, overhead aluminum cable or buy aluminum building wire.

Types of Aluminum Cables

There are many types of aluminum cable for sale. Nassau National Cable has all the types and would gladly customize a type depending on the unique needs of a customer. The types are:

  • Aluminum Medium Voltage MV-105, MV-90, 15KV 25KV 35KV
  • Aluminum Bare Transmission ACSR, AAC, AAC
  • Aluminum Overhead Service Drop Cable Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex
  • Aluminum URD Direct Burial Single, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex
  • Aluminum XHHW, SER, SEU, RHH RHW-2 XLP USE-2

Aluminum cables are further classified as AAC, AAAC and ACSR.

  • AAC

    AAC are stranded aluminum cables manufactured in line with ASTM-B for aluminum conductors. This a class you may consider whenever you opt to buy aluminum cables because it’s specially made for an urban setting with short spacing and close support structures for cables. It has a high corrosion resistance hence a good pic for a coastal regions.

  • AAAC

    These are base aluminum conductors made in accordance with ASTM-B for aluminum alloy conductors. You definitely want to check them out before you decide to buy aluminum cables because they have a larger mechanical resistance and strength to weight ration than the AAC grade cables.

  • ACSR

    ACSR are manufactured in accordance with ASTM-B for steel reinforced aluminum conductors. The steel content varies, ranging from 6% to 40% depending on what a specialist recommends for your project. These high strength wires are for you if you want to buy direct burial cables. They can be made to different tensile strengths to cover relatively longer distance without structural supports as compared to AAC and AAAC.

Approvals and Certifications

Nassau National Cable puts safety above everything else. All our aluminum cables for sale are tested and approved for safety and quality. They are approved and certified by:

  • ASTM B-230 Aluminum 1350-H19 wire for electrical purpose
  • ASTM B-232 Concentric laid Aluminum conductors
  • ASTM B-498 Zinc galvanized steel wire for electrical purpose
  • ASTM B-230 Aluminum 1350-H19 wire
  • ASTM B-231 concentric lay stranded 1350 Aluminum conductors
  • ASTM B-398 Aluminum alloy 6201-T81 conductors
  • ASTM B-399 concentric lay stranded 6201-T81

Nassau National offers aluminum cable for sale online. To learn more about our aluminum building wire, please visit our website today!

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