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Aluminum Conductor Overhead Duplex, Triplex and Quadruplex Cable

Aluminum overhead cables are used outdoors in distribution facilities. They carry the power from the utility lines to the buildings through the weather head. Based on this particular function, the cables are also described as service drop cables. Aluminum overhead cables include duplex, triplex, and quadruplex varieties. Duplex cables are used in single-phase power lines, whereas quadruplex cables are used in the three-phase power lines. Triplex cables are exclusively used to carry power from the utility lines to customers.

Aluminum conductor cables are made of soft 1350-H19 aluminum series. They are insulated with an extruded thermoplastic polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene for protection from problematic outdoor environmental conditions. The cables are designed with an operational temperature of up to 75 degrees and a voltage rating of 600 volts.

Benefits of Aluminum Overhead Electrical Wires

Aluminum overhead cables are most often used in overhead power lines because they are lightweight and relatively cheap. Aluminum has high density and low conductivity, which allows these overhead service drop cables to carry current with minimal losses. Aluminum service drop wires are cost-efficient, especially in high-tension lines that stretch for long distances. Read More

Features of Aluminum Electrical Cables

Standards and Approvals

  • ICEA S – 76 – 474
  • ASTM B-399
  • ASTM B-232
  • ASTM B-231
  • ASTM B-230
  • 1350-H19 Aluminium series

Compressed 1350-H19 series are lightweight and flexible. This makes them easy to install and move around.


The thermoplastic XLPE is non-conducting, therefore keeping the user safe from electric shocks. It ensures that the live conductors do not get into contact with the messenger wire and offer chemical and mechanical protection.

Messenger Wire

The role of a messenger wire is to act as a neutral path, which is crucial in demanding conditions.

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