Collection: Multi-Conductor Power and Control Cables 600V and Above

Multi-conductor Power and Control Cables 600V and Above

Multi-conductor is a widely used power cable in electrical field. In virtually all industrial applications, you will meet various types of multi-conductor cables. The cables are superior, given top notch design and has the capacity to meet all conditions with success. Having many conductors make the cable to be useful for wiring complex circuits. Talk of economy, the cable comes in a more subsidized cost than buying single conductor cables, you can get as many conductors in one cable at a relatively low price.Read More

To get a cable of quality is not an easy task, if you don’t make wise decisions then you end up with products which are substandard. Quality Multi-conductor power cables are constructed using Aluminum and copper conductors, properly designed. The insulation is sturdy, competent and integral to enable the cable survive the hostile outdoor conditions.
Many are the features of the cable and in this post we will look through in details all the construction properties and functionality. The cable has various breeds, out which you may find a useful type for your system. Here you will find the useful knowledge and help you make appropriate decisions on your cable choices. Keep reading to learn more about various types of this power cable. Read Less
  • C-L-X Type MC-HL (XHHW-2)
  • Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant Type TC-ER Cable - Nickel Copper
  • Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant Cable - Tinned Copper
  • Okotherm CIC Fire Resistant Cable - Nickel Copper
  • Okonite FMR-P Okoseal Armored Shipboard Cable
  • X-Olene FMR Okolon-TP-CPE Type TC-ER Cable (XHH/XHHW-2)
  • Okoseal-N Type TC Cable (THHN/THWN-2)
  • Okonite-FMR Okoseal UL TC Type
  • X-Olene-Okoseal UL Type TC/TC-ER
  • Okonite-FMR Okolon TP-CPE Type TC Cable
  • Okonite-FMR Okolon TS-CPE Type TC-ER Cable
  • Okonite-FMR Okoseal UL Type TC