4/0-19 Stranded Bare Copper Conductors

4/0-19 Stranded Bare Copper Conductors

4/0-19 Stranded Bare Copper Conductors


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4/0-19 Stranded Bare Copper Conductors

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4/0-19 Stranded Bare Copper Conductors

Other Names For 4/0-19 stranded bare copper conductors:

4/0-19 stranded bare copper wire, 4/0-19 stranded bare electrical wire, 4/0-19 bare copper ground wire, 4/0-19 raw copper wire, 4/0-19 bare earth wire, 4/0-19 hard-drawn copper wire, 4/0-19 medium-hard copper wire, 4/0-19 soft annealed copper wire


Stranded Bare Copper Wire (class A) is an electrical wire suitable for overhead transmission and distribution.  Flexible stranded copper wire (classes B and C) is designed for uninsulated hook up, jumpers, and grounds in electrical construction. The wire is uncoated and unalloyed, which lets the customers enjoy the pure benefits of a copper conductor. Bare conductors of this electrical wire exhibit superior conductivity compared to insulated versions.



Stranded Bare Copper Wire has a stranded copper conductor per ASTM B-1, B-2 and B-8. The conductor is available in hard, medium-hard, and soft-drawn combination unilay temper. Some of the advantages of copper in cables include conductivity, tensile strength, and the properties of the tensile expansion.





Allowable Ampacity for Direct Burial: 480 (based on 75°C conductor temperature)

Allowable Ampacity in Duct: 480 (based on 75°C conductor temperature)


  • Size: 4/0 AWG
  • Number of Strands: 19
  • Stranding Class: B
  • Outside Diameter: 0.528 inches
  • DC Resistance (ohms/1000 ft.) @ 20°C: 0.0500
  • Weight lb/1000FT: 653.3 lbs


  • ASTM B-1, B-2, B-3, B-8, B-787
  • National Electric Code (NEC)
  • CSA

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