Fire Alarm Cables

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It makes a loud pitch to alert people about threats of fire in the building. Sounders can be engineered to sound differently depending on the pitch required. However, there are many devices that works together in order to detect and warn people of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and any other emergency; through sirensandlights. These devices include Fire Alarm Cables. Fire Alarm Cables are a special type of Lead Wire, Automotive, Electronic and Fire Alarm Cables. They are flame and fire resistant wires installed on detectors or sensors to alert people whenever there are traces of smoke or flames of fire in the buildings.

Standards and Certifications

• ASTM B3 and B8 for copper conductors
• National Engineers Code (NEC) Article 760
• Flame Test 4
• Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Type FPLP
• UL Type CMP or Flame Test 6


• Conductor

  These cables are made of copper conductors which are solid, stranded and annealed. Annealing improves their performance and installation as well because it makes the cable flexible. Flexibility improves the ease of transportation and ease of installation. This is because annealed conductors are soft and flexible therefore requires less energy to fold and twist during installation.

• Insulation and Jacketing

  The following insulation materials are used:

  • FR Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyvinyl Chloride

Insulating and jacketing Fire Alarm Cables protects the user from electric shocks and the cable as well. They ensure the handler is not subjected to electric shocks. Fire Alarm cables are subjected to harsh environmental conditions and therefore superb insulation and jacketing, which offers chemical and mechanical protection is needed.

• Shielding

  Aluminum Mylar is used to shield the conductors from mechanical impacts. Shielding is responsible for maintaining the circular core for these cables.


a) Fire alarms
b) Signal detectors
c) Smoke detectors
d) Security systems
e) Intercom or public address system
f) Fire protective circuiting
g) Nurse call interconnection
h) Remote control

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