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Wires developed for power transmission in high temperature components of a system, like a vehicle engine, are generally referred to as High temperature cables or simply; high temp cables. Read More

High temperature cable is a category of cables primarily made of lead and designed to transmit power under medium to extremely high temperatures. This cable is a heavy duty cable and thus can be used for installation applications in areas requiring medium to high power voltage supply. There are varieties of high temp cable online and we’d be glad to help you pick one or a set that’s most appropriate for your project.

Like us, many suppliers have high tem cable for sale on their websites so making a purchase is just a matter of mouse clicks. However, there are a few thing to keep in mind whenever want to buy high temp cable. These are;

• Quality

The need for quality wire and cable products cannot be exaggerated. Low quality material will only serve you for a few months before they wear out and degrade. When this happens, your only option would be to replace the High temperature wire with a new set, and frequent replacement of wires is expensive and a tall order. On the other hand, when you buy high temp wire of good quality there’s a good chance it’ll last you a lifetime of reliable service.

• Good thermal performance

Cables used in industrial set ups are designed to ensure uttermost performance even during a fire breakout. When you skim through a website for looking for high temp cable for sale, be keen to note the temperatures under which it can operate. High temp wires are often rated 900C, 1500C and 2000C. The conductor is conventionally coated with lead because lead can withstand extreme temperatures keeping the underlying conductor safe from the effects or rise in temperature. Some high temp cables have an extrusion of silicone rubber and aramid K-fiber, which is responsible for withstanding both heat and abrasion.

• Resistance to physical and chemical attacks

In an industrial environment there are damaging elements like chemicals, fluids, spills and even abrasive elements that can reduce a cable’s life. For safety of your high temperature cable, it is fitted with a reinforced mica tape, silicone rubber, PFA or an extrusion of Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) which affirms its performance in harsh environments experiencing high temperatures. With this coatings in place, the cable can be deployed in extreme temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius e.g. furnaces, wire kilns and ovens.

• Insulation and Jacketing

Both the insulation and jacketing material can help in determining how and where the power cable is most applicable. The insulations and jackets materials are tailored to withstand chemical attacks, abrasion, heat and flame depending on the risks involved in the potential area of application. When you buy high temp cable from Nassau National Cable, you’ll have a variety of insulation and jacketing materials to choose from including lead, mica tape, silicone, PFA and Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

Types of High Temp Wire

• 90 Degree C Wire

If you want a flexible, easy to transport high temperature and UL approved high temp cable then this could be your best buy. The 90 Degree C wire is made of light weight soft copper wires coated with tin. Its flexibility relieves cable handlersof excessive effort to bend, pull and carry the cable along during installation.There are three types of type 90 Degree C Wire offered at Nassau National Cable; HW050 Switchboard wire, HW051 Switchboard and HW052 Switchboard.

• 150 Degree C Wire

This cable is designed purposely for use in internal connections of motor leads, electrical appliances and other devices. It comes with a flame retardant insulation jacketing that is tested and approved by the UL specification standards of Flame Tests (VW-1 and FT-1). It is a dual purpose serving wire which can perform in either high or low temperatures, this is affirmed by its superior insulation and jacketing protection of 150 Degree C wire against corrosion and abrasion.

• 200 Degree C Wire

200 Degree C Wire is primarily designed to support power supply in high temperatures. It is a 600-volt cable with a more advanced insulation and jacketing materials that makes it achieve its high temperature performance. This cable is approved in line with the Underwriters Laboratory specification standards of flame tests; VW-1 and FT-1. It is therefore suitable for use in locations in high risk of fire breakouts.

We hope this information will prove to be helpful the next time you’re shopping for high temp cable online. Nassau National Cable offers reliable high temp cables for sale. To learn more about our high temp cables, please visit our website today!

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High Temperature Cable
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