Medium voltage power cable Review

Are you in search of a cable that transmits large to medium amounts of electric current in corrosive environment? You should look no further than the medium voltage power cable. Read More

This cable is able to transmit large amounts of power in corrosive environments with minimal failure. The medium voltage power cable can be used effectively in chemical plants, industrial plants, refineries, commercial buildings given that these areas are prone to chemicals that are corrosive. On this post I will share with you some of the amazing features of the medium voltage power cable on sale at Nassau national cable; a world class supplier and manufacturer of cable and wire products. Let’s get on to the details.

Outstanding Features of the medium voltage cable

  • Its durable; It can withstand any punishing environment it’s subjected to over a lifetime and it’s also resistant to abrasion and other external forces, which in turn saves you service and maintenance costs.
  • Reliable and efficient power conductors; this cable has a copper conductor. Copper is very effective in transmission of electric current compared to other metals relatively because of its ionic structure.
  • This cable can be easily installed in constricted areas given that they are malleable.
  • It can transmit large amounts of electric current given its high voltage rating of up to 8000v.
  • Types of medium voltage power cable

    There are many types of medium voltage power cable on sale in the market so if you are not keen you might select a cable that does not match your needs. At Nassau national cable we supply all kinds of medium voltage power cables. Our variety of medium voltage power cable includes;

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